CESA Francais // Bienvenue | 2012 Conference  

Troisième congrès annuel de l’Association d’études canadiennes et de la Société canadienne d’études ethniques

Formation et modification de l’identité ethnique au Canada et ailleurs

23 et 24 novembre, 2012

White Oaks Resort and Spa, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario



Vendredi, 23 novembre 2012


7h30 – 9h00                      Inscription                                                       Garden View Foyer

9h00 – 9h15                      mot de bienvenue et présentation                      Salle Amphithéâtre


9h15 – 10h30                    Séances simultanées

1.      Le multiculturalisme et les réseaux sociaux                                    Salle Amphithéâtre


·         Président de séance: à confirmer

Professeure Minelle Mahtani, University of Toronto

·         Professeure April Lindgren, Ryerson University, Ethnic Media and the Federal Election

·         Professeure Catherine Frost, McMaster University, Agents of Change: Education, Media and Social Transformation

  • Professeur Dan Shi & Wendy Cukier, Ryerson University, The Impact of Social Media on Social Capital of Chinese Immigrants; Case Study of QQ215 Group in Toronto

2.      Immigration, sélection et établissement                                           Salle Studio 10


·         Président de séance: à confirmer

Professeur Chedly Belkhodja, Université de Moncton

·         Adam Perry, University of Toronto, Engaging with Democratic Subjects: Towards an Understanding of Migrant Worker Agency in Canada

  • Raluca Bejan, University of Toronto, It's who You Know: Exploring settlement Workers' Ethnic Positionality Through Their Professional Networks
  • Faria Kamel, University of Toronto, Immigration Statues and Identity Formation: Impacts of growing up undocumented
  • Melissa Sharpe-Harrigan, Trent University, Immigrant Dispersion-National Frameworks, Local Partnerships
  • Abu Kamara, Dalhousie University, Migration and the Struggle for Showing one's Identity


10h30 – 11h00                  Pause


11h00 – 12h30                  Séances simultanées

3.      Vie urbaine, intégration et diversité                                                Salle Amphithéâtre


·         Président de séance: à confirmer

Ye Ri Choi, McGill University

·         Jean Sandrine & Annick Germain, INRS, Quebec, Ethnic Diversity in Montreal's Middle-Class Neighbourhoods: Between Discomfort and Neighbourhood Attachment of Young families. / La diversité ethnique dans les quartiers de classe moyenne de la métropole montréalaise entre inconforts et attachements au quartier

  • Dr. Martha Radice, Dalhousie University, (In) Visibility, Recognition and Interethnic Relations in Multiethnic Neighbourhood Commercial streets in Montreal
  • Sanjoy Banerjee, Simon Fraser University, Ethnic Segregation and Expected Integration – Canadian Immigration Scenario


4.      Culture (Arts)                                                                                    Salle Studio 10


·         Président de séance: à confirmer

Professeur Shibao Guo, University of Calgary

·         Professeur Mateti Prabhakar, Kakatiya University, India /University of Toronto, Managing Cultural Diversity and Canadian Multiculturalism Literature

  • Professeure Anne-Marie Dionne, Université d` Ottawa, Les idéologies dans la littérature multiculturelle pour la jeunesse: assimilation ou pluralisme culturel?
  • Jeanette Gallant, University of Windsor, Musical Expressions of Changing Nationalisms in Acadian Society


12h30 – 13h45                  Diner                                                              Salle Amphithéâtre


13h45 – 15h00                  Séances simultanées


5.      Famille et jeunesse (1)                                                                       Salle Amphithéâtre

  • Président de séance: Celine Cooper, OISE – University of Toronto
  • Sonya Sehgal, University of Alberta, South Asian Parent-Child Relationships
  • Dan Cui, University of Alberta, Ethnic Identification Among Chinese Canadian Youth
  • Ye Ri Choi, McGill University, The Influence of Immigration on Parent-Child Relationships Amongst Asian Immigrant Groups


6.      Famille et jeunesse (2)                                                                       Salle Studio 11


  •  Président de séance: Professeur Vivek Venkatesh, Concordia University
  • Krysta Pandolfi, York University, My Sister Married a “Canadian” Whiteness, Belonging and Italian-Canadians
  • Arshia Zaidi, A. Couture & Eleanor M.-Tyndale, UOIT, Ethnic Identification and Perceptions of Intimate Cross-Gender Relationships of Second Generation South Asians in Canada
  • Christina Kwiczala, Queens University, Tutoring & Mentoring Program Created by the Portuguese-Canadian Community of Toronto



7.      Identités autochtones                                                                        Salle Studio 10

  • Président de séance: Professeure lori Wilkinson, University of Manitoba
  • Professeure Kathryn Magee Labelle, University of Saskatchewan, Dispersed, But Not Destroyed: Countering The Huron-Wendat Destruction Myth
  • Professeur John Friesen, University of Calgary, Euro Canadian perceptions of indigenous cultures and their effect on cultural perpetuity
  • Laura Mae Lindo, Wendy Cukier, Pamela Palmater, Werner Potgieter, Ryerson University, Learning from Aboriginal models of leadership: Corporate leadership re-examined


15h00 – 15h30                  Pause


15h30 – 17h00                  Séances simultanées


8.      Le transnationalisme                                                                         Salle Amphitheater

  • President de séance: Professeur Lloyd Wong, University of Calgary
  • Naomi Lightman OISE – University of Toronto, Transforming Education: Evolving Identities in a Context of Transnational Families and Youth in Toronto, Canada
  • Christian Rojas Gaspar, Queen’s University, Abuse, Crime, Drug Use and Violence: The Coerced Identity of Mexican Street Youths
  • Professeur Shibao Guo, University of Calgary, Chinese Canadians in Beijing: Returning ‘Home’ or Living in a Transnational Diaspora?
  • Larisa Hayduk, Grant MacEwan University, Study abroad to the land of ancestors: Going abroad-coming home
  • Professeur Michael Baffoe, University of Manitoba, “Navigating Two Worlds” New Identity constructions as determinants for successful integration of new black immigrant and refugee youth in Canadian Society


9.      Auteur et critiques: Jeet Heer, “Too Asian"                          Salle Studio 10


Président de séance: à confirmer

  • Professor Minelle Mahtani, University of Toronto
  • Professeur Anthony Stewart, Dalhousie University
  • Professeur Carl James, York University
  • Professeure Frances Henry, York University



10.  Famille et jeunesse (3)                                                                       Salle Studio 11

 à confirmer


  •       Raluca Bejan, University of Toronto, Balancing the budget but who’s left to budget the balance: a visual representation of professional networks within Toronto east local immigration partnership

Civic identity and Participation, Amongst Minority Youth, in Ethnocultural and Intercultural Contexts

  •       Professeur Robert Kenedy, York University, Gendered Civic Participation Amongst Portuguese-Canadian Youth in Multicultural and Intercultural Contexts 
  •     Professeur Fernando Nunes, Mount Saint Vincent University , Probing Critical Pedagogy and the intersectionality of oppression: The academic success of Luso-Canadian young women


Samedi, 24 novembre 2012


8h00 – 9h00                      Inscription                                                       Garden View Foyer



9h00 – 10h30                    Séances simultanées


1.  Les diasporas                                                                                     Salle Studio 10

  • Président de séance: Professeure Madine VanderPlaat, Saint Mary's University
  • Nehal el-Hadi & Hillina Seife, University of Toronto & University of Michigan, Coming to Black: Immigration, Identity and Belonging for East Africans in the Canadian Context
  • Elie Shumbusho, Université d` Ottawa, Les ethnies du Rwanda: une invention coloniale?
  • Gillian Creese, UBC, Masculinity, Femininity and Diverging Identities: The Second Generation in Vancouver’s African community
  • Yang Miaoyan, University of Hong Kong / University of Toronto, Tibetan Identity in Formation: The Case of Tibetans in Minzu University of China


2.  Francophonie et identité canadienne                                               Salle Hospitality B

  •         Janique Dubois, University of Toronto, Le projet politique Fransaskois: 100 ans d’existence
  •          Jérôme Melancon, University of Alberta – Augustana Campus, La philosophie au Québec et l’identité francophone. Le cas de Fernand Dumont
  •          Karine Morin, RDÉE Ontario, « La Bonne affaire »
  •          Christian Ionita, Université de Montréal, Nationalisme et paradiplomatie identitaire: La place de l’ethnicité dans la conception d’une «Politique extérieure» une nation non souveraine au début de XXIe siècle



3.  Auteur et critiques:                                                               Salle Amphithéâtre


Eva Haque, Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework: Language, Race, Belonging in Canada. University of Toronto press, 2012



·         Président de séance: à confirmer

  • Professor Minelle Mahtani, University of Toronto
  • Professeur Rinaldo Walcott, University of Toronto
  • Professeur Darryl Leroux, Saint Mary’s University
  • Professeure Malinda Smith, University of Alberta



10h30 – 11h00                  Pause



11h00 – 12h13                   Séances simultanées


14.  Intégration des immigrants                                                              Salle Amphithéâtre

  • Président de séance: Professeur Robert Lecker, McGill University
  • Bong-Hwan Kim, University of Manitoba, Integration Experiences of Korean Migrants in Manitoba
  • Ruksana Rashid, University of Calgary, Experience and Resilience of Immigrant Women in Canada       
  • Professeure Lori Wilkinson, Janine Bramadat, Rachel Dolynchuk, and Zöe St. Aubin, Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba, Chronicling the Labour Market Histories of Immigrants to Canada 




15.  Quantifier les identités raciales                                                        Salle Studio 10


Empirical Evidence of the Significance of Race in Canada


  • Président de séance: Johanne Jean-Pierre, McMaster University

  • Rochelle Wijesingha, McMaster University, Does life satisfaction have a colour in Canada? A national study of the relationship between visible minority status, perceived discrimination and life satisfaction
  • Kosar Karimi, McMaster University, Black francophones in Saskatchewan: do social networks breakdown boundaries or enhance reciprocal discrimination?
  • Professeur Jeff Denis and Ismael Traore, McMaster university, The “gift' of discrimination: how indigenous peoples interpret and respond to racism
  • Emily Milne and Professor Janice Aurini, Waterloo University, First Nations, Metis and Inuit education initiatives, past and present



16.   Les identités raciales en Amérique du Nord                                  Salle Hospitality B

  • Président de séance: Professeur Dominique Clement
  • Desmond Miller, York University, The Pre Game: Black Student-Athletes and the Pursuit of U.S. Athletic Scholarships
  • Sam Tecle, York University, The Black Graduate Student and the Color Blind Canadian University
  • Professeur Howard Ramos, Dalhousie University, Who Writes race: Looking at 45 Years of Sociology
  • Professeur Janki Shankar, Sita Das & Sabrine Atwal, University of Calgary, Intimate Partner Violence in South Asian Communities -Breaking the Silence



12h30 – 13h45      Diner                                                                          Salle Amphithéâtre

  •          Présentation du prix du mérite de l'Association d'études canadiennes au Professeur Robert Lecker, Université McGill
  •          l'Assemblée générale annuelle de La société canadienne d’ Études ethniques

  •          l'Assemblée générale annuelle de l’Association d’études canadiennes




13h45 – 15h00 pm           Séances simultanées


17.  Immigration et identité francophone (1)                                         Salle Studio 10

  • Président de séance: Janique Dubois, University of Toronto
  • Aloys Sirabahenda, Conseil Économique et Social Ottawa-Carleton (CESOC), Identité francophone et intégration socio-professionnelle des nouveaux arrivants dans la région d'Ottawa
  • Taha Abderrafie, Maala, Université Laval, Le point de vue d’aines immigres de 50 ans et plus vivant au Saguenay- Lac-Saint-Jean sur les résidences pour personnes âgées
  • Lumembo Tshiswaka, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving immigrants, (OCASI), Immigrants francophones en provenance d'Afrique et des Caraïbes et recherche d’un nouvel équilibre identitaire en Ontario


18.  Immigration et identité francophone (2)                                         Salle Hospitality B

session annulée


19.  La race, la racialisation et l'identité                                                 Salle Amphithéâtre


Roundtable Discussion on SSHRCC funded Research

Project on Race Racialization and Identity

  • Professeure Frances Henry, York University
  • Ena Dua, Center for Feminist Research
  • Professeur Carl James, York University
  • Professeure Carol Tator, York University
  • Professeure Audrey Kobayashi, Queen's University
  • Professeure Malinda Smith, University of Alberta
  • Professeur Peter Li, University of Saskatchewan
  • Professeur Howard Ramos, Dalhousie University


15h00 – 15h30                   Pause



15h30 – 17h00                  Séances simultanées


20.  Éducation et diversité dans la salle de classe                                   Salle Amphithéâtre

  • Robin Liu Hopson, OISE – Universiy of Toronto, "What Does Race Have To Do With It? Challenging the Preservice Admissions Process."
  • Helen Anderson, University of Toronto, Learning to be Canadian: National and Racial Identity Formation in the Ontario Classroom
  • Professeure Diane Gérin-Lajoie, OISE – University of Toronto, “Rapport to Identity and Official Language Minorities in Canada” 



21.  Le multiculturalisme et ses questions                                               Salle Studio 10

  • Malgorzata Kierylo, Queen’s University, A Return to Anglo-Conformity?: Multiculturalism, Security Regulations and the Politics of Immigration in Post 9/11 Canada
  • Professeur Henry Chow, University of Regina, Maintaining ethnic language, culture, and identity: Minority immigrant youth in a western Canadian city"
  • Shola Agboola, University of Manitoba, Between Accommodation and Assimilation: Canada’s Decision to Ban the Niquab at Citizenship Oath Ceremony



22.  Sports et Migration / Famille et jeunesse / Identités autochtones       Salle Hospitality B

  • Roland Mascarenhas, Harvard University, “Sport as an Integration Tool for Recent  Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth in a Multicultural Context”
  • Carl James & Selom Chapman-Nyaho, York University, Your Choices are Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer”: Parental Expectations, Suburban Life and Second Generation Canadian Students
  • Joanne Heritz, McMaster University, The Inclusion of Atypical Minorities in Public Policy: Urban Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and Travelers in Ireland

·         Linda Gerber, Guelph Universit, Education, Employment, and Income Polarization among Aboriginal Men and Women in Canada: Stagnation and Progress

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