The World Seabird Conference, led by the Pacific Seabird Group and an International Steering Committee of 26 other professional seabird and research organisations from around the world, was created to help put seabird management and conservation into a worldwide perspective.

The 1st World Seabird Conference was held in Victoria, BC, Canada in September 2010. Over 950 participants (including 850 registered conference attendees) from over 40 countries gathered together to comprehensively address the global issues and data needs for this diverse group of birds, most of which inhabit multiple countries and waters within their own ranges. The conference was a huge success! Click here for more information on the conference program, conference outcomes and photos.

The 2nd World Seabird Conference (2ndWSC) will build on the progress and success of the 1st World Seabird Conference and will once again place seabirds on the global stage. Our goal is to provide a venue for seabird scientists from across the globe to gather with their colleagues and discuss research, conservation, and innovative technology as they relate to the study of seabirds and their marine environment. The Conference will focus on the biology, ecology, and conservation of these globally relevant species at a time when marine ecosystems and the species that inhabit them are increasingly used as indicators of ecosystem health. 2ndWSC will be structured around a series of symposia, contributed sessions, and database workshops and will provide participants with abundant opportunities to network with colleagues from across the globe. 

Student Awards Evaluation Committee    John Croxall (left) and David Irons    Student Prize Winners & Awards Committee

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The World Seabird Conference established a donation program to allow individuals to show their support for the long-term goals of the conference and to assist the funding of students to attend the conference. We are most appreciative of the donors who have given generously.

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