Speaker Information

Confirmation of Participation   
All accepted abstract authors will be required to complete and return the "speaker agreement form" to confirm their participation as a session speaker.  Forms will be sent via the acceptance email and must be returned no later than Friday July 21, 2017.  If participation has not been confirmed by this date the speaking slot will be offered to an alternate speaker.  

Conference Registration 
Conference speakers are eligible for a 50% discount from the standard conference rates.  Once speakers have provided confirmation of participation in the conference a special promotional code will be issued which is required in order to complete your conference registration.  Speakers will not be reimbursed for travel or accommodations. 

Conference Audio-Visual Equipment
All session rooms will be equipped with one screen, an LCD projector, a remote control for advancing slides, a podium with microphone, head table with table microphones and confidence monitor.

Preparing Presentations 
Most presenters choose to prepare PowerPoint presentations, although other media may also be used.  As a general guideline, presentations should not have more than 15 slides.   Please ensure that presentations are no longer than 15-20  minutes in length depending on the number of speakers in the session. Note that in the interest of time presenters will be cut off by the Session Chair if a presentation exceeds this time limit.    

Submitting Presentations 
We ask that all presenters upload their presentations through the CanWEA advance submission site in late September.

Session Conference Calls
All session speakers will be required to attend a conference call with their Session Chair and fellow speakers.  These calls will be scheduled to occur in September, and will allow speakers to develop and modify their presentations with input from fellow speakers and the session moderator in order to ensure a well rounded session.