Below is a list of themes that CanWEA is currently considering to develop the educational sessions at the 2017 conference.  Proposed keywords have been listed as suggestions and guidelines; however you are welcome to expand on these themes.  In an effort to ensure that the content of the educational sessions is current and fresh we invite all authors to highlight the "new and exciting" elements of their submission.

Electricity Market Reforms That Can Create New Opportunities for Wind Energy 
  • commercial and industrial procurement
  • ancillary services
  • renewable energy credits
  • innovative/disruptive technologies (some on the other side of the meter) that create new demand for clean energy
 Wind Turbine End of Life
  • older projects what's next
  • repowering or decommisioning
  • financing repowering - secondary and tertiary markets (different economical model)
  • permitting repowering - new REAs? Re-engage with the community or no - what is require with a repowering?  Can you add solar to go with it on same permits? 
 Operations and Maintenance
  • ensuring O+M condiserations are reflected in the development process - both up front in setting up the farm and at the end of life 
 Health and Safety
  • standards and compliance:  how you ensure your operations comply within Canadian regulations and how to approach training standards to make sure your employees are safe
  • fitness for work:  going beyond preventing major injuries and making sure technicians go home every day mentally and physically fit
  •  safety chain:  how to coordinate construction, owner, OEM and contract personnel safety in a world of complex service contracts
 Wind Resource Assessment
  • advancements in forecasting techniques
  • improved understanding of wake effects
  • complex terrain
  • ice forecasting
 Wind Industry Innovation
  • time of day pricing models for energy production assessments
  • interesting avian and bat detection technologies
  • new innovation in blade materials 
  • bringing the costs down in terms of producing/equipment
 Disruptive Technologies and Their Impact on Wind Energy 
  • implications of a wide range of sources and loads on the grid
  • grid controls from the system operator but also options for multiple powersources behind the meter
  • storage opportunities - ones that are financially stable (past project pilot stage)
  • distributed solar - implications for wind 
 Wind Integration
  • R&D
  • transmission/interties
  • storage
  • electricity market reform
  • state of art
  • grid modernization
  • re-evaluating how modernization is paid for
  • aviation
  • radar
  • avian
  • noise
  • provincial and federal updates
  • provincial 
  • federal
  • electric vehicles
  • buildings
  • industrial processes

*Please note that the session on Electrification will be held in French.  All submitters should be prepared to make their presentations in French for this topic.