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SEM 2013 Individual Presentation Abstract Submission

 Step 1: Create a User Account
If you have already created an account, skip to Step 2 and enter your login name and password. 
  • NOTE: Submission of an abstract does not automatically register you for the conference!  (Registration information will be posted when it is available.)
  • Your SEM Society username and password will not work in this system!
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 Step 2: Enter or Edit a Proposal
You must fill out the entire form and submit by clicking on the "finish" button in order to save/submit your proposal!
  • You may return to the form and edit your submission as many times as you wish until the submission deadline of February 15, 2013
  • Your submission will not be saved until you save it at the end.
  • To make changes to your proposal, log in by entering your username and password, and then proceed through the form, making changes as necessary.
  • Note: If you have a co-author, please enter your name as Primary Author/Presenter and your co-author as Co-Author/Presenter.  Both Primary and Co-Authors/Presenters are required to pre-register for the conference AND to purchase an SEM membership in advance.  Do not list an author if he/she will not be presenting at the conference.
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Questions about Call for Papers/Abstract Content:
David Harnish Program Chair

Questions about the Submission Form/How to Submit:

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