It can be difficult buying the right tickets for local transportation when visiting Copenhagen for the first time. There are different ticket options depending on where in Copenhagen you want to go and how much you are planning on using public transportation. Here is a broad overview of your options. 

Traveling to and from Copenhagen Airport
The Metro station is located in the extension of Terminal 3. The Metro runs at four- to six-minute intervals during the day and fifteen- to twenty-minute intervals at night. It takes fifteen minutes from the airport to Nørreport Station (Copenhagen Central).

Tickets for the Metro can be purchased at the station and at DSB's ticket office in Terminal 3. Please note that the ticket machines do not accept notes, only coins and credit cards such as Dankort, VISA, etc.

Where to buy your ticket
You should buy your ticket before you enter the train, bus or Metro. You can purchase tickets from the machines at the stations (with either your credit card or Danish Kroner) and at the 7 Eleven kiosks at the stations. At the Copenhagen Airport, there is a ticket office with personal assistance.

Single tickets
A single ticket is a normal ticket. You buy the number of city zones needed to get to your destination. Two- and three-zone tickets are valid one hour. If you are staying in central Copenhagen and want to go to the conference at the Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, you need a two-zone ticket (see map of Copenhagen travel zones below).
With a CityPass you can enjoy unlimited travel on buses, trains and the Metro in Copenhagen in zones one to four from the moment you arrive in Copenhagen via the airport. You can buy tickets upon arrival in the airport or in advance so you can travel easily from and to the airport without having to think about where to purchase tickets, the types of tickets available, or travel zones.

The map below shows the number of zones you have to pay for when traveling from Copenhagen Airport. The red zone is where the airport is located and the white figures indicate the number of zones you need to buy a ticket for.


Getting around Copenhagen

All of the recommended hotels are located in central Copenhagen, close to either Nørreport Metro station or Kongens Nytorv
Metro station. Traveling to and from the airport, your hotel, and the conference, you can easily take the Metro and your destination will be only minutes away. You can plan local transportation at http://journeyplanner.dk/