Establishing a Vision for Your Conference

"If you are going to think anyway - you may as well think BIG" - Donald Trump

Why are you holding your conference? What will make it a success? Your vision sets the tone, and provides the framework for the entire conference experience. Clearly defined goals insure that your conference will be a success.

How do you create a vision for your conference? Ask your attendees! A lot of time can be wasted in committee meetings, away-days and conference brainstorming sessions. If you really want to know how to create a vision of successful conference - ask your attendees.

A pre-conference survey is a great way to develop a vision for your conference.  A pre-conference survey gives you important information about what attendees actually want (rather than what you think they want) and helps you ensure a good return on investment.

See our sample pre-conference survey. Contact us for help putting your survey online.

Committees that put your Vision into Action

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs" - Henry Ford 

Your committee is a vital task force for moving your conference forward. To successfully put your vision into action however, your committee members need a clear direction for their efforts.

Break you conference down into small jobs - achievable task lists. This allows committee members to clearly see what needs to be done to reach your goals, and what they can each contribute. You�ll need to enlist the help of enough committee members to cover all the main areas of responsibility. Create well-defined roles to avoid duplication of work.

Click here for a download of Conference Manager�s suggested list of committee member areas of responsibility.

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