“We host 5 international conferences ... without Conference Manager we would be going crazy!”

SCOR, Johns Hopkins University

Conference Services

Do you provide services for academic conferences?

Contact us to find out about our partnership programs, which enable you to provide Conference Manager as part of your own service package.

Academic Conferences

Even though you may spend months in preparation, when the Big Day comes you only have one chance to get it right. Conference Manager ensures your success by providing a single, reliable system for your call for papers, review, scheduling, registration, payment and communications.

Flexible Tools for your Unique Needs

Every academic conference has unique needs and challenges which is why Conference Manager has flexibility built-in. There is no abstract form too complex, no review process too detailed, no registration process too convoluted. Whatever your challenge, Conference Manager will help you streamline your systems so that everything comes together smoothly and efficiently.

Integrated Systems that Keep you Connected

Conference Manager provides a hub from which you can coordinate all your conference activities. Because Conference Manager is a web-based application, it keeps you connected to your network of speakers, reviewers and committee members, no matter how geographically dispersed they may be.

Experience you can Count On

We built Conference Manager from our own experiences running academic conferences. This means that we understand your needs and provide you with the systems and support you need to get the job done.

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