“We are extremely pleased with Conference Manager and your dedication to creating a system that rocks”


The Big Picture

Conference Manager can help you provide better member care and services all year round.

Our member solutions allow you to
manage membership applications and renewals, deliver seminars and online
training and provide value-adds for
members such as discussion
forums, polls and newsfeeds.


For most associations the annual conference is the most important event of the year. Often it falls on just a small number of staff to make it all happen, which means that you need efficient tools that you can rely on to make your life easier.

Your Total Conference Solution

Conference Manager is a comprehensive toolkit that will streamline your meetings. Whether you need a more exciting website, a means of managing you call for papers and review process, a delivery system for seminars or a sophisticated online registration and payment package - Conference Manager provides a single, integrated system that keeps you in control.

Doing More for Less

Conference Manager will help you improve productivity, communicate more effectively with your members and reduce administration overheads. How? By providing integrated tools that are easy to learn, by automating data entry and communications and by providing you with the reports you need when you need them.

Mission Control

Create a single, secure online data pool that functions as the information hub for your staff, committees and members. Conference Manager's member solutions mean that you can consolidate all your conference and membership needs into one system.

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