Professional tools for stress-free trade show management

Conference Manager's trade show module is tailored to suit the needs of the busy trade show manager.

  • Online registration for exhibitors and booth staff
  • Display a floor plan and booth options
  • Allow exhibitors to select booth preferences from simple drop-down boxes
  • Smart tracking of booth choices removes booth options that are sold
  • Allow exhibitors to order booth furnishings and supplies
  • Online payment by credit card, via your online payment gateway
  • Alternative payment methods for those who wish to use mail or fax
  • Automatic e-mail confirmations
  • Real-time statistics and financial information on exhibitor registrations
  • Booth space manager to match exhibitors to booths
  • Assign, re-assign and cancel booths
  • Batch e-mail to exhibitors
  • Data export to any database program, spreadsheet or financial package


  • Save time with a streamlined administration system
  • Instant, real-time tracking and reporting of companies and booths
  • Maintain tight control of companies, booth staff and supplies
  • Avoid last minute panics by providing accurate information in advance to your venue and vendors
  • Flexible payment options to maximize your profits