Keep your eye on the dollars

The financial success of your conference depends on accurate reports. Conference Manager helps you keep control of your income.

  • Password protected reports available 24-7
  • Built-in reports provide a break-down of your registrations
  • Financial reports track payment status (paid, unpaid, overpaid and partially paid)
  • Monitor payments, refunds, discounts and cancellations
  • All payments are recorded by event, date, attendee and administrator
  • Automatic invoicing and payment confirmations
  • Send payment reminders
  • Line item reports on actual and expected revenue
  • Track taxes paid and owing
  • Meal reports provide detailed information on dietary requests
  • Export your data in Excel in comma-delineated format


  • You are always in control of the real financial situation
  • Quickly and easily send payment reminders to ensure good cash flow
  • Save time on invoicing and accounting chores
  • Share reports with others
  • Easily generate data for name badges, attendee list etc.
  • Easily generate reports for hotels, caterers and other vendors