Flexible solutions to streamline membership applications and renewals

Online membership application and renewal is convenient for your members and makes it easier for you to manage an accurate membership database.

  • Individual membership applications and renewals
  • Organization, block or group membership applications and renewals
  • Unlimited membership types
  • Flexible membership periods (e.g. annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly)
  • Collect full demographic information from members
  • Manage multiple membership types from one database
  • Provide information on the benefits of membership
  • Sell additional merchandise, subscriptions or event registrations
  • Automatic reminder emails for renewals
  • Secure, real-time credit card processing
  • Alternative payment options for cheque and fax payments
  • Send to a friend feature
  • Personalized email confirmations and invoicing


  • Increase membership applications and renewals
  • Simple, easy and convenient for your members
  • Step-by-step process reduces mistakes and confusion
  • Automatic processing saves time on data entry
  • Instant updates mean your database is always current and reliable
  • Make a good first impression with a professional application form
  • Reduces mistakes due to illegible handwriting