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John C. Lehr

John C. Lehr is a professor in the Geography Department at the University of Winnipeg. He received a BA (Hons.) in geography from the University of Wales, a MA from the University of Alberta and his PhD from the University of Manitoba.  He also holds a Certificate in Education from the University of Liverpool.  His research interests centre on the historical geography of pioneer agricultural settlement by ethnic groups on the Canadian prairies, particularly Mormons, Jews, Hutterites and Ukrainians.  Recently he has researched the construction of ethnic identity among young adults in Winnipeg and Paraná, Brazil.  With Yossi Katz he is author of the Last Best West: Essays on the Historical Geography of Western Canada, (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1999) and By their Faith Shall they Live: The Hutterite Colonies in North America 1874-2006, (Yad Tabenkin: The Research and Documentation Center of the Kibbutz Movement, 2006) [In Hebrew] Forthcoming books include Community and Frontier: A Ukrainian Settlement in Canada’s Parkland (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press) and with Yossi Katz, Inside the Ark: the Hutterites in North America (Regina: CPRC). He is a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada.