What Will We Create?


Workshop Cost: $75

Why not spend your morning hacking through the digital face of home care? Transforming Home Care is designed to educate and inform you about the issues facing home care. Share your own experience and find a fix on the digital front.  This is an opportunity to re-motivate and mobilize your ideas!

The “Transforming Home Care” workshop is co-hosted by the Canadian Home Care Association, Hacking Health and Saint Elizabeth. This is a call to shift home care at a grassroots level. Match your ideas with designers, developers and leaders in the home care sector toward digital solutions for healthcare.

1.   Discuss digital health’s impact on healthcare.
2.   Ideate and pitch challenges faced in home care.
3.   Transform ideas into action.

•    30 min: Conversation around digital health’s impact on healthcare. The segment will be delivered by healthcare experts and lead into Q&A.
•    30 min: Share Hacking Health model, and case study showcase.
•    45 min: Interactive ideation and challenges discussion. Top challenges are identified and pitched.
•    45 min: Brainstorm how digital technology may solve identified challenges. Top solutions are identified and pitched.
•    30 min: Discuss what next steps for transforming ideas into action.

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Venue and Accommodations:
Hilton Lac-Leamy, Gatineau-Ottawa, Quebec
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