Discussion sessions  
Parallel discussion sessions are intended to provide an informal opportunity for round table
discussions of SOLAS-related topics with the aim of furthering collaborations and research. The parallel
sessions will take place in the afternoon.
Session duration: 90min.

The discussion session proposals received were reviewed and the following will take place:

In parallel on Tuesday 8th Sept: discussion session abstracts are available **here**
- Towards joint SOLAS-CliC activities on sea-ice biogeochemistry. Conveners: Lisa Miller and Martin Vancoppenolle
- Microbial life at the air-sea interface. Conveners: Christian Stolle and Michael Cunliffe
- Differences between marginal areas and open ocean- Baltic Sea example. Conveners: Jacek Piskozub and Anna Rutgersson

In parallel on Wednesday 9th Sept:
discussion session abstracts are available **here**
- Atmospheric deposition, ocean biogeochemistry and climate change. Conveners: Zongbo Shi and Eric Achterberg
- Relationship between wind speed and gas exchange over the ocean: which parameterization should I use? Converners: Rik Wanninkhof and David Ho
- Priorities and integrated programs for the study of eastern boundary upwelling systems. Conveners: Francisco Chavez and Veronique Garçon
- Moving towards the vision of Future Earth: SOLAS science and society

In parallel on Thursday 10th Sept:
discussion session abstracts are available **here**
- Future air-sea gas transfer laboratory experiments. Conveners: Bernd Jähne, Guillemette Caulliez, Brian Haus and Yuliya Troitskaya
- Nutrients supply to Southern Ocean surface. Convener: Remi Losno
- SOLAS research into the effects of potential geoengineering. Conveners: Cliff Law and Phil Boyd
-  Ship Plumes. Conveners: David Turner and Anna Rutgersson


 last modified on: October 2014