Visa information  
Passport/ Visa

Germany is a member state of the European Union, therefore no visa is needed for EU citizens.
However, many non-EU members need a visa. Information can be found on
the homepage of the german government. 

Non-EU citizens must possess a passport valid for at least a 3 month stay. Furthermore,
please contact the nearest German Embassy or consulate for mo
re details and the
required formalities. 
You can find the address of the German Embassy in your
here to obtain information regarding the visa policy for your country.Please remember
to apply for visa early, since it is not possible to obtain a visa at the airport.

SOLAS OSC cannot be held responsible for any matters related to obtaining visas.

Letter of invitation

If you need an invitation letter for your visa application, please contact us. Please 
check if you need any special wording or content. Note that we can NOT issue 
an invitation letter if your registration fee is not yet paid

    last modified on: September 2014