Kiel local information

Kiel is located in Kiel Fjord at the Baltic Coast. It is the capital city of the federal state
Schleswig-Holstein and with its 240 000 inhabitants
the mostly populated city in the
North of Germany. Kiel has always been an
important maritime city with a long history
of ship and submarine building
and the traditional home of the German navy’s
Baltic fleet. Kiel is also an
important transport hub with the busiest artificial waterway
in the world,
the Kiel Canal connecting the North Sea with the Baltic Sea and a number 
of passenger ferries going to Scandinavia and the Baltic States. It is also very famous
for its annual sailing event, the Kiel Week, which takes place in June and is the biggest
sailing event in the world.

Marine Research in Kiel

GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is one of the world’s leading
institutes in the field of marine sciences. The institute investigates the chemical, physical,
biological and geological processes of the seafloor, oceans and ocean
margins and
their interactions with the atmosphere. With this broad spectrum GEOMAR
is unique in
Germany. Additionally, the institute has successfully bridged the gap
between basic and
applied science in a number of research areas.

Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel
Kiel University is Germany's northernmost State University and the scientific centre of
Schleswig-Holstein. At its institutes, more than 24,000 students learn their trade,

about 2,000 scientists teach and do research in one of their eight faculties. They

educate students in 185 degree programs and approximately 80 different areas

ranging from Agricultural Science to Zoology.
During its long history, the city of Kiel
and the University have formed tight bonds. With its clinic, the University is one of the
biggest employers in the region. It sees itself as a modern State University of

interconnecting academic cultures. In 2015, the University of Kiel will celebrate its
350 jubilee year. The SOLAS Open Science Conference is also considered to be
part of the jubilee events. 

Future Ocean  Cluster
The Cluster of Excellence Future Ocean was initiated in 2006 during the first phase of
the Excellence Initiative and has already revolutionized the structure
and direction of
university collaboration with its partners, both within and beyond
Marine Sciences.
The Cluster is a network of researchers from seven faculties
of the Christian-Albrechts-
University in Kiel (CAU), two research institutes,
Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research
(GEOMAR) and Leibniz Institute for
the World Economy (IfW), as well as the Muthesius
Academy of Fine Arts
and Design (MKHS).


Due to its location at the coast, Kiel can offer a wide range of water sport possibilities
like Kite surfing, sailing and windsurfing. The Holstenstrasse
close to the main train
station is a very long shopping street and
offers everything. Kiel has two very nice botanical gardens, the Old Botanical Garden close to Kiel Fjord in the district Düsternbrook and 
the New Botanical Garden at the Christian-Albrechts Universität  zu Kiel. For further
information please see the website of the tourist office Kiel.


The temperature in early September is on average 20°C during the day and it is often sunny
the chance of rain exists.

Kiel city centre

GEOMAR westshore building

GEOMAR eastshore building

Kiel Fjord
photo credits: Stefan Kontradowitz

last modified on: September 2014