SOPRAN - Surface Ocean Processes in the Anthropocene

SOPRAN is a joint project funded by the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) as well as a German national contribution to the International SOLAS programme. It addresses three aspects of atmosphere-ocean interaction:

  • how changing atmospheric composition (e.g. increased CO2, dust) affects the surface ocean ecosystem
  • how climate-related changes in surface ocean processes (upwelling, mixing, light, biology) alter oceanic emissions to the atmosphere
  • the mechanisms and rates of ocean-atmosphere material exchanges
SOPRAN’s focus is on processes operating within and close to the surface ocean, and their potential changes over the next century. The project is an integrated study of surface ocean response to global atmospheric change, combining the insights gained from different disciplines (marine and atmospheric chemistry, biological and physical oceanography) and methods (observations and modelling). SOPRAN aims to deliver an improved description of the effects of global atmospheric change on the sensitive marine ecosystems.

The SOPRAN Meeting will take place on Monday 7th
in the Audimax, University Kiel. From 14:30 the meeting will be open to all participants of the Open Science Conference.

SOPRAN Final Meeting Agenda

 last modified on: June 2015