Afternoon Sessions

These optional workshops are intended to provide small group educational sessions hosted by experts from the MedStar Health and Georgetown community. Each session focuses on a specific academic topic and is open to all Symposium attendees. Seats will be reserved for those who pre-register for the event and workshops repeat so that attendees can join two sessions.

Abstracts, Manuscripts, Journals – Oh, my!
Objective: To provide strategies for success in scholarship and craft a winning formula through impactful scientific writing and selection of appropriate journals to submit your work.
Presenters: Kristen Miller, DrPH, MSPH, MSL, CPPS, Suzanne Groah, MD, MSPH, & Lyn Jones, MA, ELS
Location: White Oak

Advancing Your Academic Career: Think Holistically, Act Strategically
ObjectiveTo review how to identify internal and external resources for academic career advancement, tips to building a mentoring network and utilizing peer advising and feedback at all ranks and start working on writing goals and an independent development plan for academic advancement.
PresentersRebecca Evangelista, MD, Kristi Graves, PhD, & Elliott Crooke, PhD
Location: Glen Echo

Demystifying the IRB
Objective: To provide an overview of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the context of a Human Subjects Protections Program and provide tips for success when utilizing the MedStar-Georgetown IRB platform.
PresentersJim Boscoe, MA, CIP & Shaunagh Browning, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Location: Timberlawn

Ensuring Equity, Inclusion & Diversity in Education & Research
ObjectiveTo provide strategies to reduce and eliminate bias across the learning environment and in research endeavors.
PresentersSarah Kureshi, MD, MPH, Karey Sutton, PhD & Jessica Galarraga, MD, MPH
Location: Forest Glen

Everything You Forgot About Stats 101
ObjectiveTo provide a user-friendly overview of key biostatistics principles for investigators.
PresenterStephen Fernandez, MPH
Location: Linden Oak

How to “Thrive” in Well-being Education & Research
ObjectiveTo provide an overview of effective strategies to initiate projects and generate meaningful results in the realm of well-being research.
PresentersDan Marchalik, MD, MA, Heather Hartman-Hall, PhD & Nate Apathy, PhD
Location: Middlebrook

Scholarly Approach to Curriculum Design – An Introduction (only being held from 1-2 p.m.) 

-To describe the 6 steps of systematic curriculum development.

-To recognize the importance of congruence among the steps.

-To demonstrate how to apply the six-step approach to curriculum development in courses you teach.

PresentersMing-Jung Ho, MD, DPhil, Tamika Auguste, MD, Stacey Kaltman, PhD & Amy Burke, MD
Location: Great Falls

So, you want to do research? A primer on how to get started.
Objective: To provide an overview of tangible strategies and tactics to get started in research at MedStar & Georgetown, including pearls on formulating an effective research question and initiating the process.
PresentersElla Franklin, MSN, RN, EDAC, Erin Hall, MD, MPH, Munish Goyal, MD, FACEP, Shimae Fitzgibbons, MD, MEd, LTL & Chris Haas, MD, PhD
: Brookside B

Tips for Funding Success
ObjectiveTo discuss available avenues and tips for funding success – within the partnership, beyond the partnership, and philanthropy – as well as potential pitfalls along the road.
PresentersFederico Asch, MD, Angela Thomas, DrPH, MPH, MBA, Raj Ratwani, PhD, & Leslie Matthews, MD, MBA, MS
Location: Brookside A