Cardiology/ Pulmonology

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Sleep Apnea Independently Predicts Incident Atrial Fibrillation in the Young - Implications for Targeted Screening
Brototo Deb, Sunil Vasireddi, Neal K Bhatia, Sanjiv M Narayan
Georgetown University
Association Between Electrocardiographic ST-T wave Abnormalities and Stroke Risk in the ALLHAT Trial
Amit Dey, Khushboo Agarwal, Binaya Basyal, Aparna Sajja, Allen Taylor
Department of Internal Medicine
Outcomes of Stage D Heart Failure Patients on Palliative Inotrope Therapy in the Hospice Setting: A Single Center Retrospective Cohort Study
Umer A Esbhani, Eric Bush, Anirudh Rao
MedStar Health
Sound Sleep, Healthy Heart? Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Patients with known Atrial Fibrillation
Ritika Gadodia, Aakash Tuli, Daniyaal Rasheed, Namratha Meda, Mohil Garg, Puneet Singla, Jennifer Tran
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Mohil Garg, Jose A Romero, Umer Esbhani, Hector M Garcia-Garcia
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
PADding Your Steps: Peripheral Arterial Disease and its Impact on Gait
Ritu Agarwal, Holly Shan, Chun-Fu Lin, Matthew V Hankins, Adam G Hidad, Emery I Steinberg, Charli A Pogany, Craig J Verdin, Firras A Garada, John S Steinberg, Christopher E Attinger, Cameron M Akbari, Jayson N Atves
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Major Depressive Disorder Effects on Wound Healing in Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients Following Lower Extremity Amputation
Ryan A Braun, Holly D Shan, ZoŽ K Haffner, Julian K Marable, Peter Abdow III, Kieran G Glowacki, Parishay Johri, Chung Fu Lin, Samuel S Huffman, Marian R Kavanaugh, Jaysen N Atves, Cameron M Akbari, John S Steinberg, Christopher E Attinger
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Improved Depressive Symptomatology following Lower Extremity Amputation in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease and Major Depressive Disorder
Kieran Glowacki, Kieran M Glowacki, Holly D Shan, Julian K Marable, V. Peter Abdow III, ZoŽ K Haffner, Prishay Johri, Chung Fu Lin, Samuel S Huffman, Marain R Kavanaugh, Raghav Ranga, Ryan Braun, Jayson N Atves, John S Steinberg, Christopher E Attinger, Cameron M Akbari
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Use of Telemedicine to Improve Hypertension control in a Primary Care Clinic: A Quality Improvement Study
AJAY KERAI, Ajay P Kerai, Namratha Meda, Khushboo Agarwal, Mohil Garg, Pooja Singh, Puneet Singla, Tareq Arar, Deb Brototo, Godwin O Darko, Nnenna E Oluigbo
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Review and Analysis of Complete Heart Block in COVID-19 Infection
Luke L Lawrence, Monvadi Barbara Srichai-Parsia
MedStar Health
Cardiac Evaluation of All Hospitalized Children with 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection: A Single Large Quaternary Center Study
Qimin Ng

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Accuracy of POCUS Jugular Venous Pressure Assessment to Predict Right Atrial Pressure Performed by Medical Students
Shiavax J Rao, Albert D Osei, Jingjing Chen, Kazi Kalam, Rolando Barajas, Jiling Chou, Ernest Fischer, Luis Calderon, David S Weisman
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Intra-Operative Assessment of Hemodynamics During Retrograde Pedal Access Revascularization
Michael Rouse, Qingwen Kawaji, Darshan Randhawa, Jason Chin, Raghuveer Vallabhaneni, Jason Crowner
MedStar Franklin Square Hospital
Disease-State Understanding and Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Heart Failure Receiving Continuous Intravenous Inotropic Support: A Multi-Center Survey
Mansi Maini, Anirudh Rao, Matthew Seplowe, Nancy A Crowell, Clark Pitcher, Rebecca Scally, William S Weintraub, Samer S Najjar, Hunter Groninger, Kelley M Anderson
Georgetown University
Prognostic implications of delirium after left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation: A retrospective study
Paul Noufi, Kelley M Anderson, Nancy Crowell, Yasmine White, Sriram D Rao, Ezequiel Molina, Hunter Groninger
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Novel Deep Learning-Based Quantitative Method for Mitral Regurgitation Severity Grading: Continuous Wave Doppler Density Ratio
Anita Sadeghpour, Neil Weissman, Federico M Asch
MedStar Health
Improving prescription of guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) for inpatients with congestive heart failure (CHF) using tailored messaging
Michael Swett, Michael C Swett, Sant Kumar, Kathleen Abalos, Alex Montero
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Parallel Stenting in Emergent vs Non-Emergent Complex Aortic Aneurysms
Yang Yang, Cheng Zhang, Turna Mukherjee, Krystal Maloni, Kyle Reynolds, Misaki Kiguchi, Cameron Akbari, Steven Abramowitz, Javairiah Fatima
MedStar Health
Mom HEART: Utilization of a Web Based Postpartum Hypertension Platform
Mary Taylor Winsten, Stacey L Gold, Rachael T Overcash
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Gout in Heart Failure Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Device Therapy in a Tertiary Academic Hospital
Aakriti Arora, Lakshmi Jayaram, Eshetu Tefera, Florina Constantinescu
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators & CODE STATUS
WATIPA WENDY MAKHUMALO, Namratha Meda, Carroll Foley, Clint Pettit, Hunter Groninger
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection Presenting as Cardiac Arrest
Khushboo Agarwal, Amit K Dey, Cyrus Hadadi
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Induced Autoimmune Toxicity: A Comprehensive Hospitalization Review
Farah Bani Hani, Nikita Chintapally, Gaby Weissman
Georgetown University/ Medstar Washington Hospital Center
Amrit Devkota
MedStar Health
From The Heart to the Heart: Coronary Artery Embolism Associated with Infective Endocarditis.
Salim Habib
MedStar Health
Shaikh B Iqbal, Omar Almaadawy, Adhvithi Pingilli, Usman Sagheer, Tania Vora
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Hypothyroidism Induced Refractory Torsades de Pointes
Kaushik Kumar, Lily McLaughlin, Shiavax Rao, Nahar Saleh
MedStar Health
Prompt initiation of therapies prior to diagnosis in a patient with suspected giant cell myocarditis complicated by cardiogenic shock.
Alexander A Rizk, Narayana Singam, Tom Deng, Phillip H Lam
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Uterine fibroid? A rare cause of May Thurner Syndrome
Ayesha Sarwar, Saleh Nahar
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Combined Medical Specialties

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Demographics and Clinical Characteristics of Esophageal Squamous Papillomas and The Role of Human Papillomavirus
Akram I Ahmad, Arielle Lee, Rachna Dhanjal, Ajay Jassal, Lauren Yap, Nina Kishore, Reza Ayoubi, Andrew Smith, Monika Bapna
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients With PSC Receiving Liver Transplantation: A Retrospective Study Based on UNOS Data From 2012-2021
Esha Parikh, Nuval Cherian
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Factors associated with higher complication rates amongst patients requiring endoscopic intervention for esophageal food impaction
Palak A Patel, Dalal A Alhaqqan, Nuval Cherian, Joseph Jennings, Annie Kruger, Nadim Haddad, Thomas Loughney
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Enterocolic Mast Cell Aggregates in Crohn's Misdiagnosed as Systemic Mast Cell Disorder
Rachel Peterson, Stefano Luccioli

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Procedural Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates and Disparities at MedStar Health Facilities
Ann F Kopera, Stephanie Woo, Harjit Singh, Samantha J Marshall, Sherry Gholami, Priyanka Kanth
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Spontaneous retroperitoneal hematoma in vitamin C deficiency
Indira Acharya, David S Weisman, Ashik Pokharel
MedStar Health
Vaccination Collaboration: The Design of Error-Free COVID-19 Vaccine Workflow at Arena Stage
Lucy Bocknek, Mark Marino, Zoe Pruitt, Tara Saggar, Pauline Guthrie, Emily Briton, Kevin Spence, Michael Westphal, Bonnie Levin
MedStar Health Research Institute
Comparison of Policies Regarding Diagnostic Imaging for Pregnant and Potentially Pregnant Patients with Ionizing Radiation Across Nine Emergency Departments within the MedStar Health System
Joelle Borhart, Christopher J Wilbert, Pranay Krishnan
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Saving Lives through Process Improvement: Escalating Inpatient Sepsis Care
Tony Calabria, Miriam R Fischer, Kristina M Poole, Willie Horne
MedStar Health
Craig Casella, Atoosa Rabiee, Marianna Papademetriou
Washington DC Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Jingjing Chen, Verna Curfman, Samah A Omar, Jiling Chou, David Weisman
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Clinical risk factor of Viral esophagitis in non-HIV/AIDS patients: Case-Control study
Ahmad Al-Dwairy, Akram Ahmad, Loai Azar, Tarek Bakain, pichayut Nathagon, stephanie Woo
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Impact of Radioactive Iodine Therapy on Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy (IRON-MAP) in Women with Differentiated Thyroid Cance
DEEMA AL-SOURI, Lindsey Alpeter, Lauren Barrison, Aazrin Haque Mir, Rjeev Agrawal, Neelam Baral, Ryeesa Amin, Jacqueline Maher, Jacqueline Jonklaas, Veronica Gomez-Lobo, Kenneth Burman, Leonard Wartofsky, Leila Shobab
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Are Endocrinologists Using CTCAE Grading System for Endocrine Side Effects of Cancer Treatment with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors?
Nelly Arnouk, Pamela R Schroeder, Samah Abu Omar, Abraham Halik, Aneeqa Saif
MedStar Health
Analysis of over sedation and naloxone administration amongst inpatient geriatric patients
Brenda C Iriele, Matthew Rodman, Kerry S Gray, Ramon Go
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Retrospective comparison of Digital mammography (FFDM) versus Synthetic mammography (C-View) for the detection of calcifications and breast malignancy.
Chrissy Makariou-Pikis, Erin Crane, Erini Makariou
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
The Effect of Co-Morbid Illness on Post-Transplant Survival in Patients with PSC From 2012-2021
Nuval Kenneth K Cherian, Esha Parikh
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Assessing the Effects of Exogenous Sex Hormones on the Urogenital System: A Survey of Transgender Men on Systemic Testosterone Therapy and Cisgender Premenopausal Women
Alexis Dieter, Alexis A Dieter, Arthur Arcaz, Amy Askew, Erin T Carey
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Patient Outcomes With Buprenorphine Management of Opioid Use Disorder in a Family Medicine Outpatient Residency Clinic
Lauren Drake, William Gatenby, Emilie Biondokin
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Massage therapy dosage effectiveness on patient pain, quality of life, and wellbeing in palliative care: a randomized clinical trial
Hunter Groninger, Anne Kelemen, Donya Nemati, Cal Cates, Kerry Jordan, Gianna Shipp, Niki Munk
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Elevations in liver tests predict the presence of liver and/or bone metastases in patients with breast cancer
Alexandra V Kimchy, Harjit Singh, Esha Parikh, Jessica Rosenberg, Kavya Sanghavi, James Lewis
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Home sleep apnea tests in patients with low vs high pretest probability for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Quality Assessment Project
Gayatri B Nair, Richard E Waldhorn
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Prevalence of HLA B*5801 Allele Among African American Patients with Gout in an Academic Health Center
Namitha Nair, Dipanjan Debnath, Florina Constantinescu
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Analyzing the clinical decision support alert system at the medication order entry and verification level using lean six sigma principles at an academic medical center
Victoria Natividad, Varintorn Aramvareekul, Shahira Ghobrial
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Outcome comparison in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients with and without AKI
Yani Zhang, Sanjivani Shrestha, Wajehe Najafi, Abraham Halik, JiLing Chou, Man Kit Michael Siu, Monika Dhillon, David S Weisman
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Accuracy of Non-contrast T2 SPACE in Active MS Cord Lesion Detection
Elias Khayat, Earn Chun C Lee, Anousheh Sayah, Erini V Makariou
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Spinal arachnoid webs in adults: clinical and imaging features. A multi-center experience.
Amanda Kraus, Seleem Elkadi, Amanda Kraus, Emily Krisanda, Anousheh Sayah
MedStar Health
Electronic Telemetry Documentation: Improving nurse workflow to keep patient's safe
Hannah McLaughlin
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Prevalence of Polydrug Use among Overdose Cases at MH and Patterns in Treatment Referrals and Consent to Treatment
Mihriye Mete, Natasha Virjee, Marianne Amirshahi
MedStar Health Research Institute
Under Pressure: A Quality Improvement Project to Develop an Emergency Department-Specific Pressure Injury Screening Tool

Laura M Ogle
MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center
 61 Standardizing the reporting of gastrointestinal bleeding among nurses 
Lynette M Sequeira, Lynette Sequeira, Dalal Alhaqqan, Joseph Jennings, Mark Mattar
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Rate of Missed Intracranial Colloid Cysts on MR and CT
Ayat A Sharif, Anousheh Sayah, Erik A DiGiacomo, Marcin B Czarniecki
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
CD4+ T Lymphocyte Recovery and Cognitive Function in women Living with HIV
Amanda Spence, Xue Geng, Kepher Makambi, Leah H Rubin, Frank Palella, Andrew Levine, Charles Rinaldo, Pariya Wheeler, Maria Alcaide, Igho Ofotokun, Adaora Adimora, Gypsyamber D?Souza, Kathleen Weber, Jennifer Price, Deborah Gustafson, Anjali Sharma, R. Scott Turner, Seble Kassaye
Georgetown University
An Evaluation of Provider Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to New Chlamydia Treatment Guidelines
Adam Visconti, Constanza Menendez Alurralde
Georgetown University
Evaluating Usability of a Home Health Tablet Device Among Adult Palliative Care Patients
Angela Gonzalez, Christine M Hallman, Codrin Parau, Kylie Gomes, Hunter Groninger, Kathryn A Walker, Debra Kosko, Ella S Franklin
Georgetown University
Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia, Primary Hyperparathyroidism, or Both?
Marnie Aguasvivas, Nelly Arnouk, Pamela Schroeder
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
The Great Imitator: Tubulointerstitial Nephritis in IgG4-Related Disease
Leen Al saleh, Ala Al-Adamat, Akrithi Garren
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Unusual Variation: Granulomatous Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung Disease in a Patient with CLL
Sebastian Cousins, Haresh Mani, Christopher King
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A case of severe warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia refractory to multiple therapies
Dipanjan Debnath, Nikita R Chintapally, Madhurima Debnath, Hedy P Smith
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Rare Case of Metastatic Crohn's Disease: The Great Mimicker
Thilini Delungahawatta, Jasmine Barrow
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Evans Syndrome as Initial Presentation of HIV/AIDs
Shabnam Elahi, Christopher Diaz, Navneet Kaur
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
A real pain the neck, recurrent aseptic meningitis
Richard A Farneth, Sara Kiparizoska, Alice Bell, Jennifer Primeggia

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
An Uncommon Common Complaint: Intractable Nausea and Vomiting
Michelle Howe, Anirudh Rao, Maximillian Stevenson
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Use of opioids for dyspnea caused by treatment-resistant laryngeal dystonia
Tracy C Karr, Tracy Karr, Anirudh Rao

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Rare Case of Recurrent Pembrolizumab Immunotherapy Induced Bullous Pemphigoid
Sara Kiparizoska, Harrison D Winters, Julia Borniva
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Effect of Rifampin on levothyroxine replacement in hypothyroidism
Farah Kitana, Dmitriy Stasishin, Deema Al-souri, Meeta Sharma
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Cardiac Arrest as a Complication of Gastric Antral Web
Serena Y Korkmaz, Camille H Boustani, Sitharthan Sekar, Loai F Azar, Walid M Chalhoub
Georgetown University
Steroid is not always the answer
Akhila Mohan, Florina Constantinescu, Roshniben Patel
Medstar Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University
Mouth ulcers and epistaxis as a presentation of EBV-associated Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)
Ahmad Obeidat, Ahmad Al-Dwairy, Radhika Arya, Anjali Majumdar, Kamyar Nader, Benjamin Kurth
Medstar Washington Hospital Center
An atypical radiographic presentation of post- COVID-19 organizing pneumonia
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Aortitis with an unexpected cause
Kia Persaud, Florina Constantinescu
 MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Uncharted Territory: A Case of Severe, Refractory Mpox Infection in a Patient with AIDS
Prishanya Pillai, Matthew Copeland
Medstar Georgetown University Hospital
Intraductal Papillary Neoplasm of the Bile Duct Diagnosed Post Liver Transplant in Patient with Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Leanna Rucker, Ahmad Al-Dwairy, Dalal Alhaqqan, Amol Rangnekar
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
A triple whammy; Legionnaire pneumonia, acetaminophen toxicity, and renal artery aneurysms
Abhinav Saxena, Ahmad Al-Dwairy, Parth Patel, Blanca Simone-Francis, Pooja Singh, Farah Bani Hani, Naderia Altork, Hussam Ammar
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital / MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Lung cavitation as a sequelae of COVID-19 infection in an HIV patient
Carl Tanba, Terina Chen, Nahar Saleh
Medstar Health Baltimore
Miliary Mystery: A Case of Pulmonary Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma
Angela Troia, Christopher Wyckoff
Medstar Georgetown University Hospital
Rare Case of Asymptomatic Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Hyperprolactinemia
Jenisha Upadhyay, Nelly Arnouk, Sergio A Lizama-Hernandez, Pamela R Schroeder
Medstar Union Memorial Hospital
Lisinopril-induced urticaria after 30 years of use
Adhvithi Pingili, Diwakar Panta, Shrutiben Patel, Michael Aughenbaugh
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Vinayak Jain, Mohil Garg, Rahwana Amare, Jenesha Narayanan
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Case Report of Clozapine-induced DRESS Syndrome
Barsegh Barseghian, Vincent Pugliese
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Combined Surgical Specialties

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Comparison of Ischemic Complications with Direct to Implant versus Immediate Free Flap Reconstruction After Nipple Sparing Mastectomy: A Propensity-Score Matched Analysis
Salma Abdou, Banafsheh Sharif Askary, Christopher Lavin, Idanis Perez Alvarez, Alex Bartholomew, Michael Sosin, Eleni Tousimis, Kenneth Fan, David Song
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Decannulation in Trisomy 21 Patients Undergoing Laryngotracheal Reconstruction
Daniel Blumenthal, Daniel L Blumenthal, James L Leonard, Andy Habib, Claire Lawlor, Diego Preciado
 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens Opacification and Air Bubble Exposure Time: A Laboratory Investigation
Sonia C Francone, Malka D Kirschenbaum, Eriks E Ziedins, Lauren T Moffatt, Bonnie C Carney
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/ MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Systematic review of benefits and practical challenges for application of Mohs surgery for oral tumors
Aamir N Hussain, Gabrielle Schwartzman, Amor Khachemoune
MedStar Health
Cost Effectiveness Evaluation of Topical Estrogen Therapy in UTI Prevention among Post-Menopausal Women in the United States
William Azar, Charlotte Goldman, C. Scott Dorris, Rachael D Sussman
Georgetown University
Open versus Endoscopic Thyroid Chrondroplasty: A Systematic Review
Monique L Bautista Neughebauer, Lauren E Berger, Samuel S Huffman, Avery Ford, Daisy L Spoer, Gabriel A Del Corral
Georgetown University School of Medicine
The Effect of Obesity on Outcomes After Vaginoplasty
Alice Bell, Alice C Bell, Lauren E Berger, Daisy L Spoer, Samuel S Huffman, Christian X Lava, Taylor Martin, Jenna C Bekeny, Kenneth L Fan, Gabriel A Del Corral
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Alterations Of Gait Mechanics Observed Using Wearable Gait Sensors In Patients With Diabetic Neuropathy
Lauren E Berger, Zoe K Haffner, Krishna K Sharma, Firas S Garada, John D Miller, Christopher E Attinger, John S Steinberg, Jayson N Atves, Karen K Evans
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Breast Cancer Surgery and Stage Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Observational Cohort
Lauren Ching, Lauren M Ching, Daisy L Spoer, Samuel S Huffman, Lauren E Berger, Marcus Cunningham, Amanda Foshag, Nisha Gupta, Abigail R Tirrell, Paige K Dekker, Lucy De La Cruz, Marc Boisvert, Patricia Wehner, Ian Greenwalt, Kenneth L Fan
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Post-Surgery Impact on Gait in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Patients with Open Wounds
John R DiBello, Holly D Shan, ZoŽ K Haffner, Colin P Begley, Samuel S Huffman, Charli A Pogany, Firras S Garada, Karen K Evans, John S Steinberg, Jayson N Atves
Georgetown University
Examining the Unmet Needs of Chronic Wound Patients with Common Mental Disorders
Amanda C Foshag, Amanda Foshag, Daisy L Spoer, Samuel S Huffman, Ashley E Rogers, Lauren E Berger, Christian Lava, Julian K Marable, Marcus Cunningham, Ryan Park, Karen K Evans
Center For Wound Healing
To Mesh or Not to Mesh: What is the Ideal Meshing Ratio for Split Thickness Skin Grafting of the Lower Extremity?
Akanksha Girish, Daisy Spoer, Stephanie Shin, Garrett Franzoni, Alison Hill, Adaah Sayeed, Niki Noe, Kevin G Kim, Elliot T Walters, John S Steinberg, Christopher E Attinger, Karen K Evans
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Radiographic Evidence of Neo-vascularization of the Lower Abdominal Soft Tissues in Patients After Abdominoplasty and Previous Abdominal Free Flap Breast Reconstruction
Christopher Guirguis, Christopher A Guirguis, Daisy L Spoer, Samuel S Huffman, Lauren E Berger, Parhom N Towfighi, Seleem H Elkadi, Aviv Kramer, David H Song
 Georgetown University School of Medicine
Using the Femoral Head Size to Determine Prostate Volume from Cross-sectional Imaging
Samuel J Han, Jenna Dickman, Winnie Hahn, Joanna Marantidis, Jonah Murdock
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Differences in Spatiotemporal Gait Measurements by Gender: A Prospective Quantitative Study Stratified by Age
Adam G Hidad, Holly Shan, Ritu Agarwal, Chung-Fu Lin, Matthew V Hankins, Craig J Verdin, Firras S Garada, Jayson N Atves, John Steinberg, Karen Evans
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Tissue Expanders versus Implants in Delayed-Immediate Abdominally-Based Autologous Reconstruction: Does it Make a Difference?
Claire L Holmvik, Lauren E Berger, Samuel S Huffman, Daisy L Spoer, Chung-Fu Lin, David H Song, Kenneth L Fan
 Georgetown University School of Medicine
Influence of Free Flap Composition on Chronic Osteomyelitis Recurrence Following Treatment of Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds
Samuel Huffman, Nisha J Gupta, Lauren E Berger, Daisy L Spoer, Brian N Truong, Karen K Evans
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Attitudes of Surgical Residents and Fellows Regarding Dedicated Robotic Surgical Assistants
Keith Kowalczyk, Dave Boyd, Belen Mora-Garijo, Keith J Kowalczyk
MedStar Health
Does Method Matter? Characterizing the Effect of Preoperative Hair Removal Method on Outcomes Following Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty
Christian X Lava, Lauren E Berger, Samuel S Huffman, Daisy L Spoer, Taylor S Martin, Kenneth L Fan, Gabriel A Del Corral
Georgetown University School of Medicine
The Characteristics and Ethics of Sham Surgeries: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials
Margaret Lee, Peter T Hetzler III, Lauren Berger, Samuel E Huffman, Ryan Park, Lydia S Dugdale, David H Song
Georgetown University School of Medicine
A Loss of Pep in Your Step: How the Additive Effects of Depression and Diabetes Can Impact Gait
Chung-Fu Lin, Holly D Shan, Ritu Agarwal, Matthew Hankins, Adam G Hidad, Craig J Verdin, Firras S Garada, Charli A Pagony, Christopher E Attinger, John S Steinberg, Jayson N Atves
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Sterile Draping of Operative Microscopes in Free Flaps: Are we Covering up Ineffectiveness?
Julian K Marable, Daisy L Spoer, Varsha Harish, Lauren E Berger, Samuel S Huffman, Paige K Dekker, David H Song, Kenneth L Fan
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Psychiatric comorbidities influence hidradenitis suppurativa surgical management outcomes and financial burden
Holly D Shan, Samuel S Huffman, John D Bovill, Parhom Towfighi, ZoŽ K Haffner, Carol D Benedict, Karen K Evans
 Georgetown University School of Medicine
Surgical and Functional Outcomes of Free Tissue Transfer Following Partial Foot Amputation versus Primary Below-Knee Amputation in Patients with Chronic Foot Wounds
Stephanie E Shin, Daisy Spoer, Zoe K Haffner, Romina Deldar, Christopher Choi, Parhom Towfighi, Jason Atves, John S Steinberg, Christopher E Attinger, Karen K Evans
Georgetown University School of Medicine; Washington, District of Columbia
Safety and Efficacy of Percutaneous Cholangioscopy-Assisted Rigid ShockPulse Lithotripsy for Inoperable Calculous Cholecystitis: A Multi-Institutional Retrospective Review
Neil K Jain, Juhi Deolankar, Jonah N Sens, Daniel Marchalik, Timothy McClure, William F Browne, John B Smirniotopoulos
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Staged Excision and Split-Thickness Skin Graft Reconstruction for Axillary Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Single-Center Experience
James Martinson, James R Martinson, David Z Martin, David Nasrallah
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Predictors of Timely Initiation and Completion of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Colorectal Cancer
Said R Alnajjar, Said Alnajjar, David Lisle, Vinay Gupta, Anyelin Almanzar, Zheng Kan, John Hebb, Jonah Schindelheim
MedStar Franklin Square
Comparison of total inpatient opioid usage in postoperative bariatric patients managed with and without continuous lidocaine infusion
Kan Hong Zheng, Nicholas Davis Zheng, Yixi Wang, Qingwen Kawaji, Alain Abdo, Christopher You
MedStar Baltimore
Dextrogastria - A Case Report
William Azar, Ariana Metchik, Janeth Campbell, Ivanesa Pardo Lameda
Georgetown University
PCR-based identification of atypical microorganisms associated with resilient ear infections
Sarah Shearer, David Boyd, H J Kim
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Uncovering the Source of Bleeding in Pelvic Trauma: A Rare IR Case Study
Thomas P Stirrat, Lauren Ching, Clark Restrepo, Kate Carrato, John Smirniotopoulos, Arshad Khan
 Georgetown University School of Medicine
Establishing baseline gait kinematic values in a non-neuropathic and neuropathic populations stratified by age
Matthew V Hankins, Holly D Chan, Adam G Hidad, Chung-Fu Lin, Ritu Agarwal, Craig J Verdin, Karen K Evans, John S Steinberg, Jayson N Atves
MedStar Health - Center for Wound Healing
An analysis of sentiment and emotional influence of plastic surgeons on TikTok
Karen Li, Daisy L Spoer, Lauren E Berger, Samuel S Huffman, Rose Gold, Kenneth Fan, David H Song
Georgetown School of Medicine
Implications of Pregnancy Termination Policy on Cleft Lip and Palate
Daisy Spoer, Daisy L Spoer, Alexandra Junn, Min Jung Koh, Lauren E Berger, Hannah Zuckerman, Stephen B Baker, Derek DeLia, Kenneth L Fan
Georgetown University
Robotic Approach to Reduction of Retrograde Small Bowel Intussusception in Bariatric Patients
Nicholas A Davis, Sami Shoucair, Alain Abdo, Christopher J You
MedStar Health
Technical Challenges in Robotic-assisted Exploration for Migrated LAMS stent Causing Small Bowel Obstruction
Jonah A Schindelheim, Jonah A Schindelheim, Sami Shoucair, Alain Abdo, Christopher You
MedStar Health

Critical Care/ Burn

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Resuscitation Volumes Affect Perfusion and Inflammatory Cytokine Expression in Peri-Burn Skin: Implications for Burn Conversion
Edward J Kelly, Bonnie C Carney, Eriks Ziedins, David Burmeister, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A novel solution-blow-spinning device co-sprays autologous skin cell suspensions and polymer for full thickness wounds
Michele S Saruwatari, Tyler Salvador, Metecan Erdi, Peter Kofinas, Reza Monfaredi, Anthony D Sandler, Jeffrey W Shupp, Bonnie C Carney
MedStar GUH/WHC and Children's National Hospital
Effect of etomidate dosing on shock index in trauma patients undergoing rapid sequence intubation during initial trauma presentation
Melissa Templeton, Rebecca Breed, Supriya Davis, Hallie Jester, Talia Migdal, Miriam Orinda, Max Hockstein
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Can We Stop the Bleed? A Pilot Study Using a Geographic Information System to Train Violence Intervention Specialists in Washington, DC.
James D Wallace, Erin Hall, Christine Trankiem
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Unveiling the Hidden Threat: Acute Liver Injury in Influenza A Infection
Fred Bien-Aime, Noayna Arshad, Namratha S Meda, Imad A Isaac
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
One in a million: A case of severe rhabdomyolysis and Legionella Pneumonia
Imad Isaac, Kaylan Griffith, Namratha Meda, Mohammad Salman Khalil, Fred Bien-Aime, Soumya Narayan
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
An unlikely diagnosis, urinothorax in the setting of pyelonephritis: A case report
Namratha Seetharam Meda, Imad Isaac, Fred Bien-Aime, Kaylan Griffith, Shaunak Kulkarni, Jessica Shuan Wang Memoli
MedStar Health
Evaluating the Impact of Nutrition Support on Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19: A Retrospective Study

Linah Alqurashi, Linah Alqurashi, Katherine Manuel

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Available non-invasive skin probes are sufficient to distinguish between normal skin and hypertrophic scar but not laser-treated scar
Joshua Carreras, Bonnie C Carney, Lesle M Jimenez, Mary A Oliver, John W Keyloun, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp, Taryn E Travis
Burn and Surgical Research at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Novel Method for Isolating and Culturing Porcine Melanocytes: Taking Steps Towards Treating Dyschromia
Monica L Collins, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffery W Shupp, Bonnie C Carney
Georgetown School of Medicine
Scarring in Stratagraft-treated vs. autograft-treated burn wounds: a clinical and histological investigation
Alina Corona, Bonnie C Carney, Eriks Ziedins, Cara Delatore, Alison Ross, Melissa McLawhorn, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp
Firefighters' Burn and Surgical Research Laboratory
Baking Bread and Other New Hobbies: Characterizing Burn Center Admissions During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Cara M Delatore, Melissa McLawhorn, Sarah E Burkey, Cara Delatore, Melissa Brantley, Lauren T Moffatt, Laura S Johnson, Jeffery W Shupp
MedStar Health Research Institute
Use of Lung Protective Strategies Among Hypoxemic Patients Intubated in the Emergency Department
Gail Drescher, Chloe Verwiel, Maria Lawrynowicz, Kieren Glowacki, Sarah Hsieh, Alexia Mendivil, David F. Gaieski, Munish Goyal
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Novel Transgenic Mouse Burn Model forms Dyschromia
Kareena S Garg, Lou'ay Hussein, Taryn E Travis, Edward J Kelly, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp, Bonnie C Carney
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Fluid Administration Effects Coagulation Parameters in a Polytrauma Animal Model
Ashlee Hawkins, Jeffrey W Shupp, Edward J Kelly
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Laser-assisted drug delivery of 5-fluorouracil with triamcinolone vs. triamcinolone alone does not lead to different outcomes in the treatment of hypertrophic burn scars
Emily Kim, Emily Y Kim, Jasmine H Wong, Bonnie C Carney, Jeffrey W Shupp, Taryn E Travis
Georgetown University School of Medicine
A Burn Center's Experience with COVID-19 Positive Burn Patients
Melissa M McLawhorn, Bonnie C Carney, Sarah E Burkey, Cara M Delatore, Melissa Brantley, Lauren T Moffatt, Laura S Johnson, Jeffrey W Shupp
MedStar Health Research Institute
Individuals experiencing Intensive Care Unit surrogacy demonstrate greater optimism than future surrogates when interpreting prognostic statements
Ian M Oppenheim, Emma M Lee, Lucas S Zier, Douglas B White, Joanna L Hart, Alison E Turnbull
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
A Healing Assessment of Full Thickness Burns Compared to Excisional Wounds After Meshed Split-Thickness Skin Grafting
Brooke Pierson, Mary Oliver, Dillon Williams, Monica Collins, Lauren Moffatt, Taryn Travis, Jeffrey Shupp, Bonnie Carney
MedStar Firefighter's Burn and Surgical Research Lab
Smoke Inhalation Lung Injury Fails to Exhibit Significant Differential Expression of Inflammatory Markers in a Swine Model
Tharun Potluri, Edward J Kelly, Bonnie C Carney, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp
Firefighters' Burn and Surgical Research Laboratory
Early vs. mid vs. late-stage initiation of laser intervention leads to different outcomes in the treatment of burn hypertrophic scars
Victoria Slavinsky, Bonnie C Carney, Jasmine H Wong, Davon Lee, Jeffrey W Shupp, Taryn E Travis
Georgetown University
Treatment of burn hypertrophic scar with fractional ablative CO2 laser does not decrease levels of hyperpigmentation
Sanjana Kurup, Taryn E Travis, Jeffrey W Shupp, Bonnie C Carney
MedStar Health Research Institute

Health Services Research

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Length of Hospital Stay May Be Affected by Time to Administer Opioids in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease Presenting with Vaso-Occlusive Crisis: Real World Experience in an Urban Population Emergency Department
Coring D Coring, Terrell D Coring, Nikita Chintapally, Reshmi Nair, Hedy Smith
MedStar Health
Factors influencing hospital participation in the Healthcare Equality Index
Victor P Abdow, Julian K Marable, Eileen S Moore
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Machine-learning prediction of a 9-day returns to the emergency department for COVID-19 patients
Katie Adams, Allan Fong, Katharine Adams, Gongliang Zhang, Erin Giovannetti, Hayley Rogovin, Jessica Galarraga
MedStar Health Research Institute
Attrition in Bariatric Surgery: An Exploration of Key Barriers
Yewande R Alimi, Advait Suvarnakar, Summer McCloud, Deanna-Nicole Busog, Yewande Alimi
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
The Impacts of Physician Documentation Support
Nate C Apathy, A Jay Holmgren, Dori A Cross
MedStar Health Research Institute
Identifying EHR Markers to Study Prevalence Rates of Substance and Opioid Use Disorders in Pregnant and Postpartum Population within the District of Columbia
Sonita S Bennett, Azade Tabaie, H. Joseph Blumenthal, Robin Littlejohn, Codrin Parau, Neggin Mokhtari, Loral Patchen, Aaron Z. Hettinger, Sadaf Kazi
MedStar Health Research Institute
Improving Pharmacist Order Verification Workflow using Lean Principles in an Oncology Infusion Center
Samantha Bisges, Quan Li, Tekiha Melles, Akindeji Akingboye
MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Tip of the Iceberg: An Informatics Based Approach for Assessing Health Equity in Prenatal Anemia Treatment
Joseph Blumenthal, H. Joseph Blumenthal, Loral Patchen, Angela Thomas, Shrey Mathur, Aaron Z Hettinger
MedStar Institute for Innovation
EHR?s Focus on Nurses: Identifying Functional Requirements to Encourage Safer Nursing Interaction with Electronic Medication Administration Systems
Christopher W Bonk, Christopher Bonk, Deanna-Nicole Busog, Tenley Johnson, Aaron Hettinger, Raj Ratwani, Sadaf Kazi
MedStar Institute for Innovation
Unsubscribe: Using Machine Learning to Determine Who Will Drop Out of a COVID Surveillance Study
Christian Boxley, Allan Fong
MedStar Health
Leveraging food as medicine in diabetes management: A program evaluation of the MedStar Health Food Rx program
Lucas Carlson, Adam Johnson, Malek Cheikh, Angela Roberson, Emilio Feijoo, Phyllis Gray, Lucas C Carlson
MedStar Health
A Systematic Literature Review of the Legal Needs of People with Cancer and the Outcomes Measured when using a Medical-Legal Partnership Model
Allison B Dowling, Caitlin Schille Jensen, Abigail Sweeney, Charles S Dorris, Deborah F Perry
Georgetown University Law Center Health Justice Alliance
Factors Associated with Emergency Department Return Among COVID-19 Patients
JESSICA E GALARRAGA, Jessica Galarraga, Allan Fong, Gongliang Zhang, Katharine Adams, Jason Brown, Erin Giovannetti, Hayley Rogovin
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
The Effect of Medicaid on Recidivism: Evidence from Medicaid Suspension and Termination Policies
Gultekin Gollu, Mariyana Zapryanova
Georgetown University Department of Health Management & Policy
Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Nursing Medication Administration
Kylie M Gomes, Deanna Busog, Codrin Parau, Jennifer Sams, Suzanne Simkovich, Raj Ratwani
MedStar Health Research Institute
Assessing the Effectiveness of Implementation of Screening and Intervention for the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
Lauren Havens, Lauren Havens, MS, Michelle Roett, MD, CPE, FAAFP, MPH, May-Lorie Saint Laurent, MPH
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Insurance Adjudication of Anticoagulants Prior to Discharge - Results from a Pilot Study
Amy L Ives, Harriet Kusi, Joseph Basi, Parsa Mahmoudi
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Emerging Trends in Health Information Technology: Results from a Horizon Scan
Sadaf Kazi, Tracy Kim, Julia Sheehan, Ronald R Barrientos, Kristen Miller
MedStar Health Research Institute
Impact of Pharmacist Led Medication Reconciliation on Rate of Patient Safety Events on Admission to Rehabilitation Hospital
Lubna Kousa, Lubna Kousa, Vidhi Gandhi, Eric Pitts
MedStar National Rehabilitation Hosptial
Assessment of a Unit-Level Acuity Tool in Inpatient Psychiatry
Karan S Kverno, Mihriye Mete, Kristen Miller, Alina Knauff, Deborah Beatty, Jennifer Stephenson Zipp, Elias Shaya
MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
Reducing Inequities in Cancer Outcomes through Community-Based Interventions on Social Determinants of Health
Arianna P Milicia, Mandi L Pratt-Chapman, Laura C Schubel, Teletia R Taylor, Robin Littlejohn, Andrea Lopez, Joseph Astorino, Bryan O Buckley, Christopher King, Hannah Arem
MedStar Health Research Institute
The Current Diabetes Education Experience: Findings of a Cross-Sectional Survey of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
Carine Nassar, Michelle Magee, Kelley Baker, Neelam Baral
MedStar Health Research Institute
Survey of Current Substance Use Disorder Screening and Treatment Practices for Pregnant and Postpartum Patients
Codrin A Parau, Zoe Pruitt, Robin Littlejohn, Sadaf Kazi
MedStar Health Research Institute
Visitation Restrictions and Decision Making: Healthcare Surrogate Experiences
Michael Pottash, Rimsha Rana, Angelette Pham, Nina Laing
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Clinical decision support adverse events: a comprehensive MAUDE database review
Zoe Pruitt, Kristen Miller, Allan Fong
MedStar Health Research Institute
Association between Patient Race and Ethnicity and Outcomes with COVID-19: A Retrospective Analysis from a Large Mid-Atlantic Health System
Anirudh Rao, Hunter Groninger, Akram Zaaqoq, Nina E Laing, Jose M Flores, Victor J Avila-Quintero, Jennifer Yu, Naheed Ahmed, David A Boyd
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
The TeamSTEPPSŪ for Improving Diagnosis Team Assessment Tool: Scale Development and Evaluation
Kisha J Ali, Christine A Goeschel, Melissa M Eckroade, Katie N Carlin, Monika Haugstetter, Margie Shofer, Michael A Rosen
MedStar Health Research Institute
Patient and Caregiver Perspectives Regarding Substance Use Screening and Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Patients
Patti Spaar, Patricia Spaar, Robin Littlejohn, Asli McCullers, Codrin Parau, Zoe Pruitt, Tracy Kim, Laura Schubel, Karey Sutton, Sadaf Kazi
MedStar Health Research Institute
Tailored, just-in-time education and resources for birthing individuals and newborn caregivers after hospital discharge: developing a chatbot experience
Claire Starling, Claire M Starling, Karen Ganacias, Aimee Danielson, Loral Patchen, Janine Rethy, Jaime Hill Daniel, Angela Thomas, Joseph H Blumenthal, Shrey Mathur, Hannah Arem
MedStar Health Research Institute
Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Workplace Violence in Healthcare
Azade Tabaie, Allan Fong
MedStar Health Research Institute
A Novel Approach to Identify and Model Salient Sentences in Patient Safety Event Reports
Azade Tabaie, Srijan Sengupta, Zoe M Pruitt, Allan Fong
MedStar Health Research Institute
Using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement?s Global Trigger Tool to Measure, Assess, and Understand Race Differences Found in Voluntary Patient Safety Occurrence Reporting at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Angela D Thomas, Seth Krevat
MedStar Health Research Institute
Where are the critical care nurses? A statewide analysis of actively practicing nurses' transitions out of critical care areas
Alberta Tran, Cheryl B Jones, George Knafl, Erin Fraher, Marianne Baernholdt

MedStar Health Research Institute

Neurology/ Rehabilitation

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Case Series of Autosomal Recessive Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophies with Atypical Inheritance Pattern
Khaled O A Albazli, Shakti Nayar, Shreya Gandhy, Nicholas Streicher
 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Teletherapy Use and Perception of Benefit among Orthopedic Rehabilitation Patients and Therapists during the COVID Pandemic: A Cross Sectional Study
Shelly Gulhar, Kathaleen Brady, Gerben DeJong, Caitlin Bryson, Maria Stidham, Sameer Desale, JiLing Chou, Richard Zorowitz
MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Race and Ethnicity Documentation in the Georgetown Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center
Luis G Manrique Trujillo, Leanne M Peres Da Silva, Robert K Shin, Benjamin J Osborne
 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Examining the Racial Distribution of Patients with Debility based on COVID-19 Status
Alvin Ng, Stanley Kamande, Saumil Doshi, Laura Malmut
MedStar / Georgetown National Rehabilitation Hospital
Outcomes of Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation for Debility and COVID-19 Infection
Alvin Ng, Nirguna Thalla, Steven Jow, Marla Petriello, Saumil Doshi, Laura Malmut
MedStar / Georgetown National Rehabilitation Hospital
The effect of sex and race on delays in multiple sclerosis evaluation and diagnosis: Final analysis from a prospective cross-sectional study
Amy L Safadi, Brian D Barry, Robert K Shin
Georgetown University
Use of COVID-19 prevention therapy Evusheld in patients with multiple sclerosis: A retrospective observational study
Amy L Safadi, Petra Brayo, In Guk (Josh) Kang, Rebecca Kumar, Bethany Screiber, Carlo Tornatore
Georgetown University
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in patients with Parkinson?s: Case series and review
Khaled O A Albazli, Shreya Gandhy, Vasalya Panchumarthi
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
The parietal cortex as a relay station between auditory and premotor areas in the macaque
Rosstin Afsahi, Jessica Jacobs, Pawel Kusmierek, Patrik Wikman, Patrick Forcelli, Josef Rauschecker
Georgetown University Medical Center
Oral Resveratrol Treatment Reduces Matrix Metalloproteinases 2 and 9 (MMP-2 and 9) in Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease (AD)
Matthew Amontree, Matthew Amontree, Raymond S Turner, Katherine E Conant
Georgetown Medical Center; Interdiscinplary in Neuroscience
Electroencephalography differentiates malarial from non-malarial febrile coma in Malawian children: A pilot analysis
Alexander S Andrews, Alexander Andrews, Tesfaye Zelleke, Dana B Harrar, Douglas G Postels
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
An Extracellular Matrix Protease Controls Trans-Synaptic Homeostatic Plasticity in Drosophila
Yimei Cai, Ting Wang, Jacqueline Chen, Akashdiya Charkaborty, Paxton Paganelli, Danielle Morency, Tao Cui, Tingting Wang
Georgetown University
Characterization of hippocampal perineuronal nets and parvalbumin interneurons in a model of synucleinopathies
Zachary A Colon, Zachary Colon, Devin Palmer, Sean Carey, Kathy Maguire-Zeiss
Georgetown University
EEG Correlates of Age-Related Decline in Grip Force Control
Shashwati Geed, Tang Thu Ha Ngo, Makoto M Miyakoshi, Peter S Lum
Georgetown University
Changes in Functional Arm Use After Stroke during Inpatient Rehabilitation
Megan L Grainger, Peter Lum, Megan Grainger
MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Left parietal fMRI activation for visuospatial processing after right-hemisphere stroke
Anna Greenwald
Georgetown University
Competency Assessment in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Resident Education: A Systematic Review
Laura Malmut, Cristina Kline-Quiroz, Daniel M Cushman
MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Activation of Toll Like Receptors By Pathogenic Alpha-Synuclein (PFFs)
Matthew Nelson
Georgetown University
Remote screening for cognitive decline: applying natural language processing methods to speech collected over the telephone.
BRIGID A REYNOLDS, BRIGID A REYNOLDS, Raymond Scott Turner, Catherine Diaz-Asper
Differences in Stroke Outcomes and Experiences between White and Minority Patients and Providers
Nikash Shankar, Mykaiya Sumling, Mary C Denny
Georgetown School of Medicine
Safety, Target Engagement, and Biomarker Effects of Bosutinib in Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Yasar Torres-Yaghi, Fernando Pagan, Michaeline Hebron, Barbara Wilmarth, Raymond S Turner, Sara Matar, Dalila Ferrante, Jaeil Ahn, Charbel Moussa
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Obstetrics/ Gynecology

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Contraceptive Counseling in Cancer Patients and Survivors

Maria C Alzamora, Fatimah Fahimuddin, Pamela Lotke

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Qualitative Results of Focus Groups Conducted to Address Preterm Birth for Women in The District of Columbia
Diana Baxter, Rachel Overcash, Melissa Fries, Cherise Harrington, Florence Mwicigi, Sara Iqbal
MedStar Washington Hospital center
Maternal and neonatal morbidity in patients with sarcoidosis prior to and after pregnancy
Andrew Braun, Fatimah Z. Fahimuddin, Maria Alzamora, Helain Landy, Sara Iqbal
MedStar Health
Feasibility Pilot of Transurethral Catheter Self-discontinuation (FLOTUS)
Abigail Davenport, Yi Li, Emily Melvin, Arthur Arcaz, Cheryl Iglesia, Alexis Dieter
MedStar Health
The Association Between Medical Distrust and the Intention to Initiate Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in HIV-Seronegative Cisgender Women of Color within the DC Area
Babatamilore E Alade, Shawnika Hull, Babatamilore Alade, Hannah Sinks, Jennifer Zack, Patricia Moriarty, Rachel K Scott
MedStar Health Research Institute
Identifying provider-level barriers to provision of PrEP services for cisgender women
Olivia Britton, Shawnika Hull, Michelle Xu, Rachel Scott
Georgetown University
Continuity between Prenatal Care and Labor & Delivery at an Urban, Safety-Net Hospital in Washington, DC.
Carol B Davis, Carol B Davis, Thomas DeLeire
Georgetown University
Obstetrical outcomes in patients with bicuspid aortic valves
Fatimah Z Fahimuddin, Maria C Alzamora, Lauren Harris, Karen Schirm, Melissa H Fries
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Feven Getaneh, Asires Hailegeorgis, Paul Kolm, Cheryl Iglesia, Alexis Dieter
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
Risk of Intraamniotic infection by type of internal monitoring used intrapartum
Lylach Haizler-Cohen, Diana B Baxter, Kavya S Sanghavi, Fatimah Fahimuddin, Rebecca Chornock, Haleema Saeed, Sara Iqbal, Neggin Mokhtari
MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Intrauterine pressure catheter use and risk of placental abruption and postpartum hemorrhage

Lylach Haizler-Cohen, Diana Baxter, Kavya S Sanghavi, Fatimah Fahimuddin, Rebecca Chornock, Haleema Saeed, Sara Iqbal, Neggin Mokhtari
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Assessment of a resident hypertension and eclampsia simulation
Samantha Kodama, Arthur Arcaz, Stacey Gold
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Black Women Shouldn't Die Giving Life: The lived experiences of Black women diagnosed with severe maternal morbidity in the United States
Wendy Post, Angela Thomas, Sara Parker, Loral Patchen, Karey Sutton
MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital
Hashtags for Transgender Health- A Transgender Healthcare Tag Ontology Project
Tyler Sanchez, Abigail Davenport, Cheryl Iglesia, Alexis Dieter
Georgetown University School of Medicine
The Effects of Enhanced Prenatal Services on Preterm Birth and Low Birthweight for Individuals and Facilities Disproportionately Affected By the COVID 19 Pandemic
Mathias Thorpe, Angela Thomas, Christine Laccay, Loral Patchen
MedStar Health Research Institute
Tags for Tears: The Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury Ontology Project
Cima Maliakal, Abigail Davenport, Cheryl Iglesia
MedStar Washington Hospital Center/ MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Validation of Chloe SEDŪ, a novel, low-cost syringe extension device for the provision of paracervical analgesia during manual vacuum aspiration
Aparna Ramanathan, Karl Heinz Tondo, Robert Bailey, Javan Imbamba, Stella Odenyo, Erin Koksal, Jan Carel Diehl, Jackton Omoto, Stephen Gwer
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Association between Preoperative Pelvic Exam Findings and Locations of Intraoperative Endometriosis
Elissa Trieu, Rebecca Thompson, Shobha Sridhar, Nicholas Hazen
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Maternal morbidity based on cervical dilation at time of active phase cesarean deliveries
Elissa Trieu, Neggin Mokhtari
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Exploring Genetic Causes of Paratubal Cyst Formation in the Setting of PCOS
Nishita Patel, Swetha Naroji, Veronica Gomez-Lobo
Medstar Health

Oncology/ Hematology

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Cell-free, methylated DNA in blood samples reveals tissue-specific, cellular damage from radiation treatment
Megan E Barefoot, Netanel Loyfer, Amber J Kiliti, Marcel O Schmidt, Sidharth Jain, A. Patrick McDeed, Elizabeth Ballew, Yun-Tien Lin, Heng-Hong Li, Sonali Rudra, Anna T Riegel, Keith Unger, Tommy Kaplan, Anton Wellstein
Georgetown University Medical School
Long-Term Psychosocial Outcomes Among Mothers Who Underwent Genetic Counseling and Testing for Hereditary Breast/Ovarian Cancer
Katharine Chaillet, Katharine S Chaillet, Marcelo M Sleiman Jr, Mary Rose Yockel, Emma G Reasner, Beth N Peshkin, Claudine Isaacs, Jessica J Chiang, Kenneth P Tercyak
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
The impact of DPP4 on human NK cell migration and invasion in the pancreatic tumor microenvironment

Karbi L Choudhury

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Breast Cancer Surgery and Stage Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Observational Pilot Study
Marcus H Cunningham, Daisy Spoer, Kenneth Fan
Georgetown University
Role of Physicians in Social Media: Exploring Skin Cancer Awareness on YouTube Shorts - A Content Analysis of Top Videos
Raymond Ezzat, Umayr Shaikh, Holly Shan, Edward Hochman
Georgetown School of Medicine
HDAC6is modulates the functional phenotype of macrophages through the STAT3 pathway.
Nithya Gajendran, Christian Zevallos Delgado Zevallos Delgado, Xintang Li, SatishKumar Noonepalle, Alejandro Villagra, David Quiceno
Georgetown University
Neighborhood economic vulnerability as a predictor for patterns of care and outcomes for women with uterine cancer
Charlotte Gamble, Charlotte R Gamble, Yongmei Huang, James Quinn, Andrew Rundle, Jason Wright
Self-Preparedness Prior to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Predicts Dyadic Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes among Patient and Primary Caregiver Dyads: We?re in This Together Study (WITT)
Kristi D Graves, Pashna M Munshi, Jane M Fall-Dickson, Joanne Assarsson, Samira Beheshtian, Anthony Chicaiza, Tania Lobo, Alene Mathurin, Michele Donato, Sukhdeep Kaur, Hyung Suh, Scott D Rowley, Shuqi Wang, Jaeil Ahn
Georgetown University
Prognostic Factors for Survival in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors after Liver Directed Embolotherapy.
Daniel A Hansmeier, Nathan Frenk, Filip Banovac, Gajan Sivananthan, Emil Cohen
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Timeliness to Care in Breast Cancer Patients: An MRI Quality Improvement Initiative
Stephanie Y Johng, Erini V Makariou, Judy H Song, Rend Al-Khalili, Janice L Jeon, Jaclynn L Powell, Edward H Pien, Ian T Greenwalt, Erin P Crane
Georgetown University
Cyberknife Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation for Post-Menopausal Women with Hormone Receptor-Positive Early-Stage Breast Cancer: 3-year Outcomes of a Prospective Multi-institutional Registry
Jonathan Cantalino, Monica Pernia Marin, David D'Ambrosio, Arica Hirsch, Malika Danner, Simeng Suy, Sean Collins, Dawn Matsanka, Michael Good, Jing Feng, John Lamond, Deborah Markiewicz, Rachelle Lanciano, Olusola Obayomi-Davies, Brian Collins, Sonali Rudra
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Hearing loss & Cancer: Assessing the moderation of race using the NIH All of Us Data set.
Chandra Char, Shuqi Wang, Rayan Taha
Georgetown University
Racial differences in prognostic role of white blood cell ratios in gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Nikita Chintapally, Sosipatros A Boikos, Markos Kashiouris, Zhonghua Liu, Enrico Bautista, Aalisha Desai, Jamie K Haber
MedStar Health
Characteristics and Outcomes of T2 N0 Rectal Adenocarcinoma Treated with Definitive Abdominal Resection versus Local Excision in the Elderly (80+ Years)
Deirdre A Dulak, Majed El Hechi, Sara Berkey, Preetha Ali, Zhifei Sun, Brian Bello
MedStar Health GME
Examining the Post-Treatment Surveillance Rates for Patients Treated for Rectal Cancer at an Urban Safety-Net Hospital
Majed El Hechi, Juyeon Kakazu, Lynette Sequeira, Erica Rancore, Timothy Holleran, Zhifei Sun, Sara Berkey, Brian Bello
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/ MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Targetable Molecular Algorithm and training pathways development for treatment of the Non-Small cell Lung Cancer
Ayesha Munir, Irina G Veytsman, Krithika Bhuvaneshwar, Chul Kim, Joshua Reuss, Kaushal Parikh, Camelia Bencheqroun, Adil Alaoui, Yuriy Goosev, Anvitha Agraharam
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Assessing the impact of a medical-legal partnership in a cancer care setting using a propensity score matching approach.
Lisa Kessler, Deborah F Perry, Stephen Fernandez, Alejandra Garcia-Ponce, Allison Dowling
Georgetown University
Reprogramming macrophages with HDAC6 inhibitors for anti-cancer macrophage-based cell therapy
Satish R Noonepalle, Maria Gracia D Hernandez, Christian Zevallos Delgado, Nima Aghdam, Michael Berrigan, Andrew Pletcher, Erica Palmer, Tessa Knox, Karen Tan, Xintang Li, Hawa Coulibaly, David Quiceno, Eduardo Sotomayor, Katherine B Chiappinelli, Duncan Wardrop, Anelia Horvath, Brett A Shook, Norman Lee, Anatoly Dritschilo, Rohan Fernandes, Maho Shibata, Alejandro Villagra
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Genetic counseling and testing among Black men with prostate cancer
Jessica N Rivera Rivera, Wenyi Fan, Brent J Small, Clement Gwede, Jong Park, Kosj Yamoah, Heather Jim, Endrina Salas, Kellie Zambrano, Yvelise Rodriguez, Crystal Bryant, Susan T Vadaparampil, Brian D Gonzalez
MedStar Health Research Institute
Opinions on Pediatric Genetic Testing for Adult-Onset Inherited Cancer Syndromes among High Risk Parents
Marcelo M Sleiman Jr, Mary Rose Yockel, Beth N Peshkin, Katharine S Chaillet, Emma G Reasner, Kenneth P Tercyak
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
RCT of a Patient Education Intervention to Improve BRCA Genetic Testing Outcomes among Mothers At-Risk for Hereditary Breast-Ovarian Cancer
Mary Rose Yockel, Marcelo M Sleiman Jr, Beth N Peshkin, Claudine Isaacs, Katherine S Chaillet, Emma G Reasner, Kenneth P Tercyak
Georgetown University Medical Center
Race, Ethnicity, and Social Vulnerability Status Impact Childhood Cancer Survivor Long-Term Follow-Up
Tara Suntum, Nina Kadan-Lottick, Kenneth Tercyak, Arnold Potosky, Chiranjeev Dash, Tania Lobo, Adil Alaoui, Leah Beight, Linlin Wei, Jaeil Ahn, Caileigh Pudela
Georgetown University
Inhibition of HDAC6 and HDAC11 has opposite effects on inflammation and the modulation of the functional phenotype of macrophages in the tumor microenvironment
Manasa Suresh, Hawa Coulibaly, Xintang Li, David Quiceno-Torres, Nithya Gajendran, Karen Tan, Matias Hepp, Karthik Musunuri, Satish Noonepalle, Alejandro Villagra
GUMC and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Development and Pilot Testing of an EHR-based Provider-Level Intervention in MedStar Primary Care to Promote Equity in Lung Cancer Screening
Julia Whealan, Julia M Whealan, Katharine Glassmeyer, Joseph Blumenthal, Kristie Foley, Kathryn L Taylor, Lucile Adams-Campbell, Kristen E Miller, Rachelle Barnes, William F DuBoyce, Heather Kratz, Kenneth W Lin, Randi M Williams
Georgetown University
Prediction of Best Response for NSCLC Patients Receiving Immunotherapy by Machine Learning Models
Yili Zhang, Samir Gupta, Anas Belouali, Shaked Lev-Ari, Neil J Shah, Kanchi Krishnamurthy, Micheal Serzan, Adil Alaoui, Peter McGarvey, Subha Madhavan, Michael B Atkins
Georgetown University
Phase II Clinical Trial of Olaparib Plus Pembrolizumab in the Treatment of Patients With Advanced Biliary Tract Cancer
James O'Bryan, Chao Yin, Benjamin A Weinberg, Marcus S Noel, Reetu Mukherji, Monika Kulasekaran, Seema Agarwal, Gary Kupfer, Hongkun Wang, Marion L Hartley, John Marshall, Aiwu He
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Impact of Pancreaticoduodenectomy on Remnant Pancreas Vascular Enhancement Patterns: Raising the Specter of Pancreatic Recovery
Sami Shoucair, Pejman Radkani, Meghan Tenet, Kesha Oza, Jason Hawksworth, Reena Jha, Byoung Park, Nadim Haddad, Thomas Fishbein, Emily Winslow
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Association of Agent Orange and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Thrombosis, and Bleeding among Veterans
Andrew C Tiu, Andrew Tiu, Zoe McKinnell, Shanshan Liu, Guoqing Duo, Puneet Gill, Nandan Srinivasa, Zoe Shancer, Martha Antonio, Ramesh Subrahmanyam, Maneesh Jain
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Microscopic residual disease (MRD) monitoring and time to disease recurrence across gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies: a single-institution, real-world study
Harrison D Winters, Paul Sackstein, Benjamin A Weinberg, Dipanjan Debnath, Xue Geng, Hongkun Wang, Saavan Chintalacheruvu, John Marshall, Aiwu Ruth He, Marcus S Noel, Reetu Mukherji
Georgetown University Hospital
Expression of amino acid transporters and metabolic enzymes in invasive lobular breast cancer
Todd Young, Theresa Abalum, Nicole Hodgins, Sonali Persaud, Ayodeji Olukoya, Aileen Fernandez, Aaron Rozeboom, Rebecca Riggins
Georgetown University Medical Center Tumor Biology
ALK-Negative Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Presenting as Lumbar Back Pain
Sareema H Adnan, David Blackwood
MedStar Health
Mommy Makeover Malignancy
Mariam Alshagra
 MedStar Health
A Rare Presentation of Renal Cell Carcinoma: Malignant Pleural Effusion
Farah Daas, Sindhu Naresh, Rooma Nankani
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Claudia Georges, Soumya Koundaveety, Robert Jones, Christopher Haas
MedStar Health-Baltimore/Georgetown University
Taylor S Martin, Suzanne O'Neill, Kristen E Miller
MedStar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare

Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Patient Perspectives on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Thumb, Hand, or Wrist Pain and Function: A Survey of Nearly 100 Patients
Casey I Imbergamo, Casey Imbergamo, Natasha Durant, Aviram Giladi, Kenneth R Means
MedStar Orthopaedic Institute, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Arterial Perfusion of the Proximal Phalanx Revisited: New Insights Based on Micro-Computed Tomography
Andrew Abadeer, Caroline Wu, Daina Brooks, James P Higgins, Aviram M Giladi, Valeriy Shubinets
 MedStar Health
Assessing Hand Perfusion with Eulerian Video Magnification and Waveform Extraction
Aygul Iskandarova, Shihab Rahman, Max E Horowitz, Kavya K Sanghavi, Keith T Aziz, Nicholas Durr, Aviram M Giladi
The Curtis National Hand Center, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Factors influencing the outcome of patients after ACDF - impact of gender, smoking, BMI, employment status, and number of operated segments
Michael J Kelly, Brad Gelfand, Seyed B Kalantar
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Postoperative Patellar Height After Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty: Mechanical Axis Versus Kinematic Axis
Seif El Masry, Seleem Elkadi, Emily Krisanda, Brian J Panish, Stiles Donaldson, Eliana Schaefer, Malaak Hamzeh, John Bovill, Natasha Freed, Zachariah Elkordy, Gina Cach, Evan Jacquez, Evan Argintar
Georgetown School of Medicine
Engineering 3D Printed Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration
Yoontae Kim, Stella Alimperti
Georgetown University
3D Printed Anterior Cervical Stand-Alone Combined Cage-Plate?100 Consecutive Patients
Mosope T Soda, Mosope Soda, Brian McCormick, Bradley Moatz, Paul Asdourian, Liana Chotikul, Daina Brooks, Bryan Cunningham, Paul C McAfee
MedStar Health Research Institute
Male Versus Female Authorship in Flagship Pediatric Orthopaedic Journals from 2002 to 2021
Anthony J Videckis, Denver B Kraft, Sean A Tabaie
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Biomechanical Analysis of Two Versus Four Rods Across the Cervico-Thoracic Junction - an in vitro Human Cadaveric Model
Carlynn Winters, Gnel Pivazyan, Daina Brooks, Faheem Sandhu, Bryan Cunningham
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Systematic Review of Patient Reported Outcome Measure Compliance in Orthopaedics
Benjamin J Levens, Brian S Kim, Nicholas E Aksu, C S Dorris, James C Dreese
MedStar Health
Clinical Outcomes and Complications of Peroneus Brevis Allograft Reconstruction
Smitha E Mathew, Casey S Kuripla, Michelle M Coleman, Walter C Hembree, Gregory P Guyton
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Review of OBERD PRO compliance rates
Gregory S Penny, Gregory Penny
MedStar Health
Protective Effect of Lateral Hinge Screw for Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy
Andrew J Wright, Pooyan Abbasi, Steven Svoboda, Jamie Dreese, Richard Hinton, Wiemi Douoguih
MedStar Health

Pediatrics/ Neurology

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Effect of Reading to Preterm infants on Measures of Cerebral Regional Oxygen Saturation (CrSO2) in the NICU
Jennifer M Pak, Kabir Abubakar
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Dietary Variety in Children with Food Insecurity
Nate Bryan, Nathan Bryan, Rajeev Agrawal, Stephen Fernandez, Hannah Leu, Lewis Rubin, Janine Rethy
Georgetown University School of Medicine
New Diagnoses of Asthma identified during Routine Asthma Screening in the Primary Care Setting
Karen Ganacias, Janine Rethy
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Macronutrient variation in maternal breast milk (MBM) according to gestational age
Margarita Suarez, Loredana Cunningham, Dave Sejal, Lewis Rubin
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Downregulation of senescent pathways with upregulation of cytolytic effectors are the predominant signatures of COVID-19 disease in children with solid organ transplants
Kumar Subramanian, Ivy Tesfai, Vinona Muralidaran, Christina Seeley, Lauren Corbert, Nada Yazigi, Khalid Khan, Stuart Kaufman, Bernadette Vitola, Alexander Kroemer, Thomas Fishbein, Udeme Ekong
Georgetown Center for Translational Transplant Medicine
Probiotic Supplementation in Very Low Birthweight (VLBW) Infants: Effects on Systemic Immunity and Inflammation
Keisha Wolfe, Elizabeth Reznikov, Michael Pippa, Raymond Riley, Paul Kolm, Lewis Rubin
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Social Determinants of Health to support health outcome research studies
Adil Alaoui, Paul Shapin, Camelia Bencheqroun, Jia Li Dong, Shuo Wang, Kanchi Krishnamurthy, Peter McGarvey
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Dyadic Research, Theory and Methods Currently Used by the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) Members
Intima Alrimawi
Georgetown University
Crying for Help: the Emotional Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our Youngest Patients
Elizabeth M Chawla, Tom Kariyil, Miranda Gabriel, Kavya Sanghavi
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
SARS CoV-2 Maternal Infection and Newborn Outcomes: A Comprehensive Systematic Review
Tamara Ibrahim, Tamara S Ibrahim, Rebecca Yamamoto, Lauren Clore, Tara Mathias-Prabhu, Tamika Auguste, Lewis P Rubin, Rachel K Scott
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Food As Medicine: The Complex Interplay of Food Insecurity and Child Health
Janine A Rethy, Janine A Rethy, MD, MPH, Joanne S Odom, LICSW, Nichelle L Johnson, MPH, Paul Kolm, PhD, Stephen J Fernandez, MPH, Hannah Arem, PhD, Lewis Rubin, MD, MPhil, Rajeev Agrawal, MS
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Pediatric Dose Calculation Issues and the need for Human Factors-Informed Preventative Technology Optimizations
Sofia Teferi, Jaqueline Russell, Joanna Grimes, Zoe Pruitt, Jessica Howe, Katharine Adams, Natasha Nicol, Seth Krevat, Deanna Busog, Raj Ratwani, Rebecca Jones, Ella Franklin
 MedStar Health Research Institute
Subpial Hemorrhage: An Uncommon Intracranial Hemorrhage in Neonates
Nicole Fouad, Earn-Chun Christabel Lee, Arash Zandieh
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
A Pediatric Case of Mononeuritis Multiplex Secondary to Polyarteritis Nodosa
Amit Mehta, Sriya Movva, Ilyse Genser, Alonso Zea Vera
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Basic/ Translational Science 

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
A Secondary Analysis of Two Clinical Trials That Incorporated Pharmacokinetic Data to examine the Changes in Thyroid Metabolites after Liothyronine Administration.
Omar Aljawfi, Nour Diab, Sara Stienecker, Sameer Desale Desale, Josef KŲhrle, Mark Danielsen, Nawar Shara, Jacqueline Jonklaas
MedStar Health Research Institute
Voice activated remote monitoring technology for heart failure patients: Study design, feasibility and observations from a pilot randomized control trial
Hasan S Alqutri, Nawar Shara, Omar Aljawfi, Sara Stienecker
 MedStar Health
Effects of GP120 Proteins of HIV-1 Group M Subtypes A and B
Jacqueline Battaile, Yuichiro Suzuki
Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate Education
Roles of glycosylation and redox states on SARS-CoV-2 spike protein actions
Jennyfer Bejoy, Tinatin I Brelidze, Yuichiro J Suzuki
Georgetown University
Laser-Assisted Drug Delivery of Synthetic Alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone Leads to Increased Pigmentation Area in a Porcine Hypertrophic Scar Model
Bonnie C Carney, Mary A Oliver, Sanjana Kurup, Monica Collins, John W Keyloun, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp, Taryn E Travis
MedStar Health Research Institute
Redox Properties of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
Hattie Cole, Hattie J Cole, Yuichiro J Suzuki
Georgetown University
Effects of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein on cytosolic enzymes
Parsa Davoodi, Yuichiro J Suzuki
Georgetown Department of Pharmacology and Physiology
Human Brain, Alzheimer's Disease, and COVID-19
Arjun Kaushik, Yuichiro J Suzuki
Georgetown BGE student
Exploring Gaps between Minority Serving Institutions? (MSI) capacity to advance AI/ML education and PRIME learners? expectations and interests: A Qualitative Inquiry
Alexander Libin, Omar Aljawfi, Sara Stienecker, Tom Whitfield, Alyssa Parham, Legand L Burge, III, Nawar Shara
MedStar Health Research Institute
Reusable smart mask using nanoporous metal foams
Kai Liu, James Malloy, Erin Marlowe, Christopher Jensen, Thomas Hulse, Isaac S Liu
Georgetown University
Regulation of Furin Activity in Presence of S1 & gp120 proteins
Shavaiz P Manzoor, Yuichiro J Suzuki
Georgetown University
Pro-angiogenic Signals are Increased in Microvascular Cells from Fibrotic Scar Versus Skin
Esteban A Molina, Brandon Hartmann, Mary A Oliver, Liam D Kirkpartrick, John W Keyloun, Lauren T Moffatt, Jeffrey W Shupp, Taryn E Travis, Bonnie C Carney
Firefighter's Burn and Surgical Research Laboratory, MedStar Health Research Institute
COVID-19, chronic diseases, cancer, and mental health: A retrospective evaluation analysis of onset and healthcare utilization
Alina Peluso
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
AlphaFold Artificial Intelligence and Monte Carlo Molecular Dynamics of the Antimalarial Drug Resistance Protein PfCRT
Paul Roepe, Andrease Willems, Adrian Kalaw, Ayse Ecer, Amitesh Kotwal, Luke Roepe
Georgetown University
Effects of Spike Proteins on ACE2 Enzymatic Activity
Charlye Williams, Yuichiro J Suzuki
Georgetown University

Medical & Health Sciences Education

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Internal medicine resident physicians' knowledge of dietary supplements
Loai F Azar, Jennifer Tran, Loai Azar
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A Novel, Low-Cost, Transvaginal Ultrasonography Model
Mariam Barseghyan, Oduware O Usen, Elva Lopez, Yufan B Chen
MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University
Medical Student Perceptions of Oral Case Presentations
Shabnam Elahi, Esha Parikh, Virginia Malatack
 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Narrowing the Gap: Improving LGBTQ-Centered Training of Clinical Support Staff Training Via Lecture Curriculum
Jorge D Flautero, Keri Kirk, Adam Visconti
 MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University
Cheating or not: Student and faculty perceptions of unauthorized assistance and sharing of information/materials
Aleek Aintablian, H. Carrie Chen, Kirsten Brown, Yvonne M Hernandez, Laura E Martin, Catherine T Wiktop, Arianna Prince, Anthony R Artino, Terry Kind, Lauren A Maggio
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Retrospective Pre- and Post- Self-Efficacy of Attending Emergency Physicians Following Transvenous Pacing Simulation
Les R. Becker, Erin Vaughn, Diana K Ladkany, David Carlberg, Max A Hockstein, Munish Goyal
MedStar Institute for Innovation
Building a Community of Healthy Families: Teaching Nutritional Competency Through Active Engagement in a Food Apartheid
Kim A bullock, Capri Fowler, Amanda Gao, Elizabeth Horak, Brittney Rodriguez, Aiai Price-Smith
Georgetown University
Screening for Food Insecurity: A Curriculum for Medical Students
Heidi Chang, Yumi Shitama Jarris, Sarah Kureshi, H. Carrie Chen, Ranit Mishori, Linda Kaljee, May-Lorie Saint Laurent, John Hunting
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Nursing Staff Confidence with Code Blue: Iowa Model of Evidence Based Practice
Shelby Harold, Shelby D Harold
MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital
Gun Violence Prevention & Firearm Safety Resident Curriculum
Christine Petrin
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
The Addition of a Social Medicine Curriculum to Existing Resident Didactics
Christine Petrin, Sahil Angelo, Leanna Rucker
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Evaluating the Role of Mentorship in Career Advancement: A Survey of Women in Academic Hand Surgery
Banafsheh Sharif-Askary, Salma A Abdou, Karina Charipova, Erika D Sears, Aviram M Giladi
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Pilot Needs Assessment in the Development of Adolescent &Young Adult Oncology (AYAO) Curriculum for Pediatric and Internal Medicine-Pediatric Residents
Rachel A Zemel, Tara Suntum, Susmita Sarangi
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Characteristics of the Integrated Vascular Surgery Residency Match: US Match Results from 2017-2022
Raj Patel, Sadia Ilyas
MedStar Health
Visual arts to enhance medical studentsí self-perception of communication skills
Chloe Jammes, Julia Langley, Xue Geng
Georgetown University
Evaluation of an Anti-Racism Summer Reading Curriculum on 1st Year Medical Students Perceptions of the Role of Race in Medicine
Bailey L Liter, Sarah Kureshi, Tobie Smith, Susan Cheng
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Near-Peer Teaching for Simulation-Based Learning of Urgent Neurologic Complications in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting
Laura Malmut, Alvin Ng
MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Creating Simulation-based Patient Education Videos Using Human-Centered Design
Cynthia G Pineda, Les R Becker, Suzanne Groah
MedStar Health
Specialty Disrespect: Preliminary Report of a Scoping Review
Jeff Weinfeld, Yadana Khin, Katherine Hart, Scott Dorris, Andrea Cammack
Georgetown University
Engaging A diverse Group of Stakeholders at the AI for Health Equity Symposium to Advance Health Equity and Disparities
Omar Aljawfi, Jennifer Siryani, Karan Sahgal, Sara Stienecker, Tom Whitfield, Nawar Shara
MedStar Health Research Institute
Self-efficacy, Moral Distress, and Burnout in Medical Training: A Qualitative Study of Trainees' Perspectives on Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Andrea Gaspar
MedStar Harbor Hospital
Simulation in Laryngology Surgical Education: A Scoping Review
Nazaneen Grant
Georgetown University
Constructing Theories of Change using Participatory Systems Mapping in a Complex Healthcare Educational Equity System
Mani Nathan Nair
MedStar Georgetown
Rethinking the Role of Race in Clinical Decision-making: Beliefs and practices of internal medicine residents
Elizabeth Selden
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Establishing a trust-building communication framework to address legacies of structural racism
J. Corey Williams, Pamela Saunders, Jim Blatt, Kathryn Lee, Eunice Cho, Natasha Powell, Erin Steenson
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Social Sciences

Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Thinking Outside the Box - The Role of Palliative Care in Delusional Disorder
Arman S Majumder, Arman Majumder, Clint Pettit, Deborah Lewis
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
A scoping review of the relation between toothbrushing, diabetes, and oral health outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes
Joan Bardsley, Joan K Bardsley, Michelle F Magee, Ruth Lipman
MedStar Health Research Institute
An Analysis of the Use of Race and Ethnicity in Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) Publications
Jennifer MartŪnez SŠnchez, Victoria Fubara, Margaret Paules, C. Scott Dorris, Valeriy Korostyshevskiy, Michael Plankey, Sarah Kureshi
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Eren Sakarcan
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Board Certified vs. Social Media Verified: Skincare YouTubers May Hold More Influence Than Medically Trained Physicians
Umayr R Shaikh, Raymond Z Ezzat
Georgetown University School of Medicine


Poster # Abstract Title Authors Affiliation 
Thrive Wellness Initiative- Small Habits, SMART goals: Using Gamification and Smartphone Tracking to Motivate Participation in Individual and Group Wellness Activities.
Sami Shoucair, Leslie Rosger, Amelia K Goldmann, Rebekah Campbell, Margaret Arnold
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
100 Clinicians Who Care: A Wellbeing Initiative
Joelle Borhart
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Loneliness and social network as social determinants of health
Mary Ann A Dutton, Mary Ann Dutton
Georgetown University
Coping with Life Stress Narratives: A Conceptual Framework for Healthcare Research and Practice
Alexander Libin, Elena Libin
MedStar Health Research Institute
Compassion, Practice, Relationships, and Restoration (CPR2) a Wellbeing Program Combating Burnout in Frontline Workers.
Sabrina Zuskov, Iman Ferguson, Inaya Champion, Dominique Charlot-Swilley
Early Childhood Innovation Network/Georgetown University
Instituting a Wellness Curriculum in the Eye Center
William B Davis, Bren Davis, Kiah McSwain, Jacquelyn Weber
MedStar Georgetown / Washington Hospital Center