Established in 2008, SCORAI is a knowledge network of professionals working at the interface of material consumption, human well-being, and technological and cultural change. We aim to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners striving to understand the drivers of the consumerist economy in affluent technological societies; to formulate and analyze options for post-consumerist lifestyles, social institutions, and economic systems; and to provide the knowledge for emergent grassroots innovations, social movements, and public policies.

Since its first highly successful international conference at Clark University in 2013, SCORAI has evolved into a network of more than 800 affiliates. Recent activities include co-sponsorship (with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and the City of Eugene, Oregon, USA) of a workshop on sustainable consumption and cities in October 2014 and a colloquium series on consumption and social change in collaboration with the Tellus Institute. SCORAI also supports collaborating networks in Europe, China, and Israel. More information available here.

SCORAI 2016 Conference Organizing Committee

Cindy Isenhour (University of Maine), Conference Co-chair and Local Coordinator

Philip Vergragt (Clark University, Tellus Institute, and SCORAI Executive Committee), Conference Co-chair 

Anders Hayden (Dalhousie University) 

Ahmad Mahdavi (University of Tehran)

Caroline Noblet (University of Maine), Local Organizer 

Rachael Shwom (Rutgers University) 

Esther Zipori (New Jersey Institute of Technology)