Sustainability Initiatives at SCORAI 2018.

We want to send special thanks to Jeska Naujoks, Rasmus Nøddegaard Hansen, Naja Kastrup Friis, their respective team members and Associate Professor Alexis Laurent from The Technical University of Denmark. As part of Mr Alexis Laurent’s course on Life Cycle Assessment, the student teams have used The Sustainable Consumption Conference as case for calculating the most sustainable solutions for water supply and catering.  

The results and recommendations from the teams have been implemented at the conference.

Reusable glass bottles as alternative to plastic bottles

There will be distributed 1 reusable glass bottle for every conference participant at the registration. Conference participants will be responsible for keeping and filling the water bottle throughout the conference and encouraged to use the water bottle after the conference.
For every time the bottle is reused the impacts are divided out on the total number of uses. This

means that the second time a bottle is used the impacts are divided in half. The third time it is used it will only be credited for 33% of the total impact.
When the reusable glass bottle is used for the 7
th time, it will be a more sustainable solution.

Vegetarian conference menu
The Life Cycle Assessment of the conference menu options found that overall, a vegetarian menu performed better than a meat-based menu based on impact factors such as global warming, water consumption etc. Therefore, the conference will be fully vegetarian and we have worked closely with Spisestuerne, the CBS catering company, to find good solutions for the vegetarian meals. 

What happens next?

It is the ambition of the sustainability initiatives implemented at the Sustainable Consumption Conference are to set a new standard for hosting events and conferences at CBS.

There will be produced a video showcasing the conference days and various sustainability initiatives, and the data and learnings from the conference will be made into a Sustainable Events Guide Book to be distributed across CBS. 

Help us inspire our peers

Changing behaviors has a lot to do with motivation and understanding. If we understand why we have to do things differently and can visualize how, we can turn something usually perceived as a struggle into an inspiring journey. 

Please help us inspire others to reflect on how we can take sustainability to another level in our everyday lives. 

#suscon18 (both on Twitter and Instagram!)