Plenary sessions

Plenary presentations are divided into eight thematic sessions.

Sessions comprise an overview
talk given by an invited keynote speaker (25 min + 5 min questions) followed by three 15 min presentations + 5 min questions. Speakers for these talks were selected from the pool of abstracts submitted by participants willing to give an oral presentation.

The final programme including plenary sessions, keynote speaker presentations, and presentations chosen from abstracts can be found here.

Photo credit: Jessica Gier
Plenary presentation guidelines

Presentation information
  • Presentation time is 15 min talk + 5 min questions, including changeover to the next speaker. Be considerate of other speakers and the audience by staying within your allotted time.
  • Session chairs will hold to the allotted time, which is essential to pursue the OSC time schedule.
  • The format of the presentation is 4:3.
Speaker Ready Area
  • Location: At the registration desk at the Conference Hall entrance.
  • Opening hours:
    • Sunday, 21 April: 9:00-15:30
    • Monday - Wednesday: 8:00-19:00 (Wednesday only until 18:00).
  • Upload:
    • Speakers are required to check into the on-site Speaker Ready Area as early as possible. Presentations should be reviewed to be certain they are displayed correctly.
    • If your presentation is on Monday morning, please come to the registration desk on Sunday, 21 April, if possible, and upload it. You could also send us your presentation in advance via email.
  • Procedure:
    • Once your presentation is uploaded, the file will be transferred to the computer network at the Conference Hall.
    • When the presentation is to be given, the file will be loaded on the computer in the plenary session room.
    • Laser pointers will be available.
last modified: April 2019