Talk/poster abstract submission 

Abstract submissions are closed. Thank you!

To submit your talk/poster abstract you need to be registered for the conference.

Abstract submission deadline is 30 Nov 2018, 11:59 pm CST.

  • If you are already registered, proceed to STEP 1 and do not register a second time.
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STEP 1: Familiarise yourself with the instructions below 
STEP 2: Login (button top right, using your username and password)
STEP 3: Submit your talk/poster abstract by clicking the button Abstract Submission below

Talk/poster opportunity

As a participant, you can submit a poster abstract and express your wish to be considered to give a talk (15' presentation + 5' questions) in one of the following plenary session themes (brief descriptions here):
  • Greenhouse gases and the oceans
  • Air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy
  • Atmospheric deposition and ocean biogeochemistry
  • Interconnections between aerosols, clouds and ecosystems
  • Ocean biogeochemical control on atmospheric chemistry
  • SOLAS science and society
  • Integrated topics
  • Geoengineering
To submit your talk/poster abstract

To submit your abstract you will have to complete the online submission form and upload a MS Word document. This MS Word document should contain:
  • A talk/poster title (in bold capitals)
  • A list of co-authors, email addresses and affiliations. Please underline the name of the presenting author and use superscript numbers for differing addresses, with the authors' addresses included at the bottom of the abstract
  • Main abstract text is restricted to a maximum of 150 words (no references, figures or tables)
  • Entire abstract in Times Roman, 12 point font
In the submission form you will be asked:
  • To indicate to which of the plenary session theme your poster is most relevant
  • To select if you wish to be considered for a talk

+++++++++Abstract Submission+++++++++  

Notification of abstract acceptance: in January 2019.


last modified: December 2018